Top 5 Apps: Just For Fun

September 17, 2013

Smartphones are giving us more and more opportunities to be productive wherever we go. You can check email, schedule appointments, and make 'to-do lists' in the palm of your hand. We don't need to be productive all the time though, do we? Smartphones give us an opportunity to have fun too! Here are some great apps to have fun with:

NFL Mobile

1. NFL Mobile 'Tis the season - Football season that is! With the NFL football season just beginning, all fans should be sure to have this app. As the official app of the NFL, NFL Mobile will keep you up to date with scores, schedules, statistics, and your fantasy football team. Although NFL Mobile is compatible only with iOS 5.0 or later, it is a great way for football fans to enjoy the football season even more. Sheep Happens

2. Sheep Happens Sheep Happens is a great app to add to your list of gaming apps. The game combines two things: a Grecian setting and sheep. As a player you are placed in the midst of a 'sheepocalypse', challenged to maneuver around sheep falling from the sky as you chase after Hermes. The graphics of the game are bright and detailed, giving the game a very whimsical and fun feel. Sheep Happens is an all around fun and engaging game worth downloading.

3. Vintique Vintique With the boom of Instagram, more and more photo editing apps are taking over the App stores! Vintique gives users the chance to make their photos look old school, featuring 36 vintage filters and 26 retro filters. They have 49 different frames you can apply to your photo, as well as texture filters, which you can adjust to your liking. Vintique is a fun way to edit your photos with more control over filter adjustments and editing. Turn your photos into a work of art with Vintique and share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

4. Snapchat Snapchat There is a reason why you see so many smartphone users snapping goofy pictures of themselves non-stop. That reason is Snapchat. This app gives you a unique way to communicate with your friends through pictures! The fleeting nature of Snapchat makes it a fun way to talk with friends. You snap a picture and can then type a limited amount of text on top of the picture, or, draw on it with your finger. A significant feature of Snapchat is the time limit you assign to your picture. Ranging from 1 to 10 seconds, after the chosen amount of time for viewing is up, the picture disappears in a snap! Dynamojis

5. Dynamojis Emojis have upgraded and are now animated! The Dynamojis app gives you the opportunity to send your friends fun emojis as animated gifs! Not only can you send emoji gifs, but the app also lets you change the font and background of your text messages, as well as make your texts appear animated. Dynamojis takes your text messages to a whole new level, letting you customize and animate them as you please. Dynamoji allows you to "be awesome."

By Alison Kuhn.

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