So what’s a feminist anyway?


Michelle Obama

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For many, feminism has an ugly connotation, though I suspect much of the ugliness originated in false accusations, hurled by people who felt threatened by change. In the media, I saw the raging feminist who discredits the stay-at-home mom, ridiculing her for baking cookies. I also saw the “go-getter” feminist who was running the corporate law firm, putting dinner on the table, while being sexy the whole time, without somehow falling short. These are two examples of usual icons we as a culture have collectively bought into.

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U.Va. works to encourage women to pursue engineering


Photo courtesy of Jill Tietjen
U.Va. alumna Jill Tietjen, along with current U.Va. engineering professor Joanne McGrath Cohoon, work to encourage women to consider careers in STEM.

With the ongoing national debate about the slow progression of women representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and SBE (social and behavioral sciences and economics) fields of academia, colleges and universities are launching initiatives to create more opportunities.

U.Va. has taken steps in the right direction.

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Being good to yourself: One intention at a time


“Many of our thoughts and intentions reflect deep-seated fears, unhealthy beliefs, and intolerances.”
~ Sue Patton Thoele, Mindful Women

Being in the last semester of my fourth year at such a prestigious university as the University of Virginia, my transition from girl to woman had happened as anyone could have expected, unpredictably. The majors I’d considered, the classes I’ve taken, and the clubs I’ve joined make up the both interesting and stressful experiences I thought I’ve become accustomed to managing.

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Faculty Spotlight: Ann B. Loper

For this month’s Faculty Spotlight, an Iris initiative aimed at acknowledging distinguished female faculty and staff of the University, Iris magazine wishes to recognize Ann B. Loper, Professor of Clinical Psychology within the Curry School of Education’s PhD program.

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Top 5 Apps: Education

Who said learning had to be so daunting? It’s time to evaluate the way we approach learning and our attitudes associated with it. Whether you are the independent scholar or the inquisitive at heart, these five apps are sure to help you get that quick fix while on the go.

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