Top 5 Reasons to be a Women’s Center Intern

Story by Carly Gorelick

GroupAre you a passionate person of any gender (yes, we encourage everyone to apply!) who is seeking an internship, a community, and is particularly interested in social issues? If your answer is “hell yes, this already sounds like me”, then I strongly encourage you to keep reading.


The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center internship is a year-long program that engages its participants in the world of social justice advocacy. Interns are given the opportunity to develop themselves and their communities by participating in a class in the fall and by working for one of the following programs:

Body Positive/Eating Disorders Education
Iris Magazine (website)
Legal Clinic
Social Media Marketing Team
Men’s Leadership Project
Gender Violence and Social Change
Women, Girls and Global Justice
Young Women Leaders Program

There are many reasons to become an intern at the Women’s Center but here are some of the most important:

1. For Charlottesville

Sometimes it can be difficult to escape the UVA Bubble that encircles student life. Due to this bubble, many of us often neglect the ongoings of the greater Charlottesville community. Did you know that 27.5% of the Charlottesville community lives below the poverty level? In contrast to the opportunities we encounter at UVA, it’s a hard realization that the people who live right alongside us are struggling in ways we too rarely recognize.

The Women’s Center has thusly partnered with Hope House, a Family Stabilization Program located in Charlottesville that works to accommodate low-income families by providing them with housing and resources to rebuild their livelihoods.

Gender Violence & Social Change interns tabling for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Gender Violence & Social Change interns tabling for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hope House is just one example of the many ways that the Women’s Center offers students the opportunity to give back to the community that constantly provides for us. Other initiatives include The Men’s Leadership Project and the Young Women Leaders Program, which provide undergraduate students the opportunity to mentor Charlottesville middle-schoolers, as well as our Legal Clinic that provides professional, pro-bono legal advice to Charlottesville residents.

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Know Your Rights: Top Five Laws College Students Should Understand

Story by Sammy Scheman

Going to college is an amazing experience. Everyone tells you that before you go, but it’s hard to really understand why it’s so important until you live through it yourself. Living on my own as an adult has been a new and confusing experience. I liked the increased independence to some extent, but was unaware of how scary this new “real world” could be. Classes and experiences alike helped me learn how to navigate the difficulties of this new world. For example, I didn’t know anything about our confusing and expansive legal system before taking Commercial Law I with Professor Sherri Moore. This class taught me the worth and importance of understanding the legal system through real world applications and interesting, informative lectures. Here are some of the most important laws and rights I learned about that all college students should know.


1. Landowners who overstay their welcome are not only annoying, but also illegal.

According to the laws of non-freehold estates, which are agreements in which you share ownership of real property with a landlord, there are certain rights assigned to the tenant and the landlord, along with certain duties. The tenant has ownership rights, which give us the exclusive right to use and possess the land as well as non-possessory leasehold provisions that touch and concern the land for a definite or ascertainable period of time along with a covenant of quiet enjoyment. What does that mean in English? “Non-possessory leasehold provisions” refer to the timely maintenance of your apartment and the overall upkeep of your living conditions. “A covenant of quiet enjoyment” means that this apartment belongs to you now, so you can kick out your landlord anytime you want.

You have the right to be left alone in your apartment.

2. Your landlord has a duty to fix the leaking sink.

And any other maintenance repairs in a timely fashion. There are certain duties that come with a leasehold agreement. For the tenant, these duties include paying rent, maintaining the premises, and not violating the lease. For the landlord, one of these duties is maintenance. They have a responsibility to make any necessary repairs in a timely fashion. The landlord also has to abide by the implied warranty of habitability. This means the property must be safe, sanitary, and weather proof.

You have the right be to be able to live comfortably in your apartment.

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Story by Kimia Nikseresht

With midterms finally behind us, we are reminded yet again of the true definition of being a U.Va. student – long hours in the libraries, passionate research papers, innovative discoveries, and the beloved pursuit of knowledge. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a student body determined to change the world, one project at a time. But this ambitious determination to suc-ceed sometimes comes at a cost to ourselves: stress, the need to achieve perfection, and the inevitable occasional failure.

The truth is, while we are celebrating Halloween and looking forward to Thanksgiving break, fi-nals are right around the corner, and approaching quickly. So, here are some tips and tricks to minimizing anxiety, maximize confidence, and end the semester with a big loud BOOM!

1. Take an exercise break!

It might feel like it’s a waste of time or irresponsible to be at the gym when you have exams to study for, but trust me, it’s a valuable place to spend your time. I’m not saying we all need to have 6-packs by the time finals roll around, but sticking to your pre-existing exercise regimen is the most important tool to staying energized and being more efficient when you do finally sit down to study. What do the experts recommend? Hitting the gym 2-3 times a week, for 30-60 minutes each.

-Try one of the group classes offered at the AFC! Zumba, yoga, kickboxing… They’ve got it all! And since midterms are a less busy time of year for them, you can avoid that “all-eyes-on-me” feeling that comes with being the new one in class.
-Not into that? Hit the pool! The AFC pool and hot tub are an underused resource that can offer both relaxation and a great workout.

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5 Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Empowering Female Movie Characters

Story and art by Kendall Siewert

Disclaimer: I am all for women wearing whatever they choose. If you want to wear a traditionally sexy Halloween costume, by all means, please do it. I just want to give other options besides Sexy Cecil the Lion, ya feel?

1. Amy from Trainwreck

Giving a voice to all 20-somethings who drink too much, have too many one-night stands, or don’t know exactly what they’re doing (read: everyone), Amy is unapologetically herself. If only you could ferry-of-shame home the next morning instead of calling your traditional Uber.
– What you’ll need: A strapless dress or top, a paper bag, a wine bottle, a forgotten sense of dignity
– Your catchphrase: “Monogamy isn’t realistic.”
– When to use it: Whenever people gush over how cute couples costumes are.


2. Cady Heron from Mean Girls

Cady exemplifies the lesson we all learned from Mean Girls: put other women down, and karma will hit you like a bus. Or that a bus will literally hit you. Ditch the “Plastics” costume and dress up as who Cady ultimately becomes: a Mathlete prom queen who breaks off pieces of her crown to give to a bunch of different women. Just make sure you maintain that it is October 3rd no matter how many times people tell you it’s actually Halloween.
– What you’ll need: A blue polo, a varsity-inspired jacket, jeans, a medal, a crown
– Your catchphrase: “The limit does not exist. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!”
– When to use it: Your friends suggest you should maybe pass on that 5th Reese’s cup.

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Top 5 Comedies for Feminists

Top 5 Comedies

Story by Allyson Cartwright

Women in Hollywood are changing the long-held, unsubstantiated belief that women aren’t funny. From last week’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards, we can see this shift in the comedic genre. Four of the seven nominated shows for “Outstanding Comedy Series” had female protagonists. In host Andy Samberg’s opening monologue at the Emmys he quipped about the lead and creator of one of those shows, Amy Schumer of Inside Amy Schumer: “Amy Schumer is nominated tonight, and I gotta say, Schumer is really, really funny. You know, for a person.” Jokes aside, women in comedy are just now being considered funny as people and not funny for their gender. Women like Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling are breaking through comedy’s glass ceiling. These women are not only starring in their own shows, but they are creating them too. Audiences are beginning to laugh with women and not at them. The brilliancy of these comediennes is that they are satirizing the way women are treated. They aren’t making women the butt of the joke; instead they turn women’s experiences into jokes relatable for everyone and in doing this are creating a new tactic for empowering women. Here are some of these standout feminist comedies gracing screens this fall TV season:

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Story by: Kendall Siewert

I get it – women don’t like to talk about their vaginas. I’m hardly the first person to realize this silence. Eve Ensler lamented it when she compiled The Vagina Monologues almost 20 years ago, and I’m lamenting it today. So let’s talk about it now.

Here are five reasons why all college women should absolutely see a gynecologist based on U.Va.’s Student Health website, and I promise I will not use the term “sexually active” once in this article.

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