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Mary Esselman Iris Editor

Mary Esselman

Assistant Editor

Taylor Lamb Iris Writer

Taylor Lamb

Taylor is a fourth year majoring in English with a minor in Drama. Her passion is using art (primarily theatre and writing) as a tool for social change. That was her primary focus through her own articles during her time as an Iris intern. Now, as the assistant editor, she hopes to help shape the publication in a similar way. She also is a Sagittarius who adores Beyoncé, which is incredibly important information, in her opinion. 


Devin Garcia

Devin Garcia is a fourth-year student from Ashland, Virginia, double majoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality, and Psychology. She is a member of the Cavalier Marching Band and sometimes plays in the orchestral pit for First Year Players. 

Kirsten Hemrich

Kristen Hemrich is Iris' Digital Media Contributor for this year! She is a fourth year student and artist living in Charlottesville, VA. Her work has been exhibited in multiple galleries around town. She currently runs a podcast on the arts that airs on WTJU Radio and she is the director of WXTJ Student Radio. Her paintings can be found on her blog:

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