U.Va Women Tell Stories of Their Bodies Through Photographs

These photos together comprise a portion of the exhibit Every Body, taken and curated by Iris Magazine intern Kendall Siewert. Each U.Va woman who volunteered for the project was accepted, and the photos you see below represent her vision to the best of the photographer's ability. Every woman wrote their story to accompany their photograph. A note from the photographer: I do not consider myself a photographer or an artist. I am a storyteller.

The Feminist Behind her Veil: The Meanings of the Hijab & the Social Implications for the Women Who Wear it

Story by Kimia Nikseresht

Just a few months ago, three young people were shot in the head in their home near the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina. Their shooter was a neighbor who claimed that his act of violence was due to frustrations over an on-going parking dispute. All three of the victims were students. All three were Muslims. Two were women, who chose to wear the Hijab.


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