Iris celebrates women in STEM!

Celebrating Women  in STEM

In the United States today, women make up an estimated 47 percent of the workforce.  In the science and engineering field, however, women are far less represented than men.  According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, women hold only 25 percent of occupations in computer and mathematical sciences, and only 13 percent of occupations in engineering.

Acknowledge the Diva Within You

Acknowledge the diva within you
All guys know that they are never allowed to talk about a girl’s weight. Absolutely never.
But why?
It is a fact that everyone has flaws. Even a 4-year-old will be able to share the insightful wisdom: “Nobody is perfect.” Yet, we have high expectations of men in relationships with us: They should notice absolutely everything about us, (um, how dare you not comment on my new nail polish?!) but at the same time they are only supposed to see the good stuff.

Women’s Center hosts International Women’s Month, creates connections for students here and abroad

Photo by Leigh Ann Carver
Left to right: Jaronda Miller (director of Global Outreach, Engaged Scholarship and YWLP Outreach and Operations at the Women's Center), Sharon Davie (director of the Women's Center), Winx Lawrence (director of the Young Women Leaders Program), Carrie Daniel (YWLP facilitator and intern for YWLP Cameroon), Caroline Berinyuy (founder of YWLP Cameroon)

Virginia Festival of the Book: Recap of ‘MFA Alumni Reading’

The Virginia Festival of the Book is an exciting event that brings local, literary scholars great joy each year.

The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, an organization that seeks to inspire cultural engagement and intellectual curiosity within the citizens of Virginia, funds this special occasion. Since its inception in 1974, the VFH has created more than 40,000 humanities programs that serve throughout the globe.


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