Why shutting down is as important as powering on

Story by Kimia Nikseresht

Before today’s technologically-savvy generation, there was a time where rigid social boundaries existed between work and home, private and public. One’s social life remained unspoken in the realm of professionalism and work did not interfere with soccer games or walks in the park. Relationships were founded on the basis of trust through shared experiences and the work day ended at 5:00.

Can we acknowledge that women slut-shame, too?

Story by Kendall Siewert

Let me set the scene for you. It’s a Thursday night in good ol’ Cville, where bar lines and my desire to stay in with a slice of Christian’s pizza increase at the same rate. It’s hot, so I’m feeling grateful I chose a black tank top to avoid major sweat stains while I journey from my house to the Corner. I see a group of girls walking towards me. I don’t think anything of it until one of them makes a comment loudly as she passes me.

Acknowledge the Diva Within You

Acknowledge the diva within you
All guys know that they are never allowed to talk about a girl’s weight. Absolutely never.
But why?
It is a fact that everyone has flaws. Even a 4-year-old will be able to share the insightful wisdom: “Nobody is perfect.” Yet, we have high expectations of men in relationships with us: They should notice absolutely everything about us, (um, how dare you not comment on my new nail polish?!) but at the same time they are only supposed to see the good stuff.


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