Vagina Monologues director adds second show ‘Two Lips’ for Valentine’s Day weekend

Vagina Monologues Spectrum Theatre Logo

As the co-publicity chair for U.Va.’s Spectrum Theatre as well as my involvement in several other theater organizations over the years, I have been able to see the powerful impact theatrical performances can have on everyone involved.

Good theater creates a bond between the actors and the audience that lasts until the final moments of the performance. Great theater uses this bond to bring to light aspects of society, culture and human nature compelling both actors and audience members think about these issues.

The Miracle of Life: A Film Review

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Michelle Cho

Bada** Women in Literature: An Interview with Professor Susan Fraiman

As a Foreign Affairs and East Asian Studies major, I am no stranger to reading long and complicated nonfiction books. Fiction, however, is not really my forte. In spite of this, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this past fall semester and take an English course titled “Women in Literature: Contemporary Women’s Texts,” and it has easily become one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at U.Va.

Recap of Substance Abuse Prevention Week at U.Va.: "I'll Remember My Last Home Game"


A Night (or Several!) at the Movies: Virginia Film Festival Reviews

Virginia Film Festival at the Paramount

With 41 sold out shows, a record 28, 609 tickets issued, and a 46.1 percent increase in box office sales from its 2013 record, the 2014 Virginia Film Festival was undeniably a triumphant success.

The festival kicked off on Nov. 6 at the Jefferson Theater with an extravagant opening gala, complete with a live band, champagne and all the prosciutto a starving college student could ever dream of.


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