Who is the Beholder?

A hand-drawn photo of three open lipsticks.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

There are a only a few things I can think of that I absolutely hate: possums, green beans, waiting on someone who is late, and people I don’t know seeing me without makeup.

This last one is beyond superficial, I realize that, but I have been wearing makeup for close to a decade. It’s become so ingrained in my everyday routine that I almost feel like I’m missing a part of myself without it.

How I Balance Enjoying Movies and Being a Feminist

A hand-drawn photo of a television with a pink background and the feminist symbol on the screen
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

It happened again, after my friend and I had finished watching the latest Star Trek movie. I was complaining because the first Star Trek show aired in the ‘60s, and it feels as if the way women are portrayed on screen hasn’t come very far in that time. After all, in the first two remade Star Trek movies from 2009 and 2013, all but one of the named female characters show up on screen in their underwear, and the other woman dies in the first thirty minutes of the movie.

Table for One, Please

A hand-drawn photo of a calendar. One of the dates says "movie date w/myself."
Art by Kirsten Hemrich.

Often when we think of love, we think of a relationship between two people. Whether familial, platonic, or romantic, these relationships tend to define our sense of who we are. And when love relationships go awry, or become less than perfect, it can be difficult to not let that affect our self-esteem and view of the world. Here's the thing: we can't entrust our emotional health to our exterior relationships exclusively. We need to cultivate self-love if we want true emotional fulfillment.

Love: A Study in Four Parts

A hand-drawn photo of hearts on a yellow, blue, and green background.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

What is love? In 1993 the electronic pop artist and one-hit wonder Haddaway asked the world this question in his insanely popular song that had everyone singing along. Today, in 2018, I ask myself the question again. What does it mean to love and be loved? Surely there is no singular definition of what love is, and there really are different varieties of love one can feel towards different people.

We’re Obsessed With Our Reflections, But Aren’t Actually Reflecting

A photo of two women with mirrors where their faces should be.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Pretty much everyone hates the new Snapchat update. You don’t even have to use Snapchat to know this--so many users have been sharing their displeasure on social media. I have yet to update the app, so while I’m not suffering from the new version it did get me thinking about what it even means to update something.

Food for Thought: Ways to Nourish Your Mental Health

A hand-drawn photo of a brain that says "mental health" on top, with rainbows and hearts around the paper.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

The beginning of the semester is exciting. We get to come back to Charlottesville to see friends we’ve been missing, we start new and (hopefully) interesting classes, and we all feel invigorated to rock this semester. But all that can also drain us of our energy. Before we know it, we’re a month into classes and feel drowned with work and February weather. During times of change or transition, I always feel a disruption in my mental health, and I never need to look any further than the start of a new course load or the new year for these feelings to resurface.


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