Jen Lilley's Ten Favorite Films

March 22, 2012

As the U.Va. Today News Blog and others have reported, actress and alum Jen Lilley has hit stardom with her roles on General Hospital and the French film, The Artist. In preparation for the Oscars, where The Artist was slated (and did eventually win) "Best Picture," we once again caught up with Jen to ask her what her favorite movies were. Here's what she shared with us: 1. La Vie En Rose.  I love how raw this movie is. It doesn't sugarcoat Edith Piaf's tragic life. I love films based on true stories, especially when they're told so honestly, and I admire Marion Cotillard's Oscar winning performance. 2. What About Bob? Simply put, Bill Murray + Richard Dreyfuss = pure comic genius. 3. Matilda I don't know why I fancy this film, other than it makes me smile. 4. La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful It's touching and tragic.  I seem to like that combo. 5. Home Alone  Because it brings out the kid in me. 6. The Bourne Trilogy Matt Damon, drool. Not only is he eye candy, he's a fine actor (no pun intended), and he does his own stunts in these films-that's quite commendable. 7. The Silence of the Lambs I love psychological thrillers, and this is the epitome of one. 8. My Cousin Vinny  My dad's a Judge, so this movie just makes me laugh on a personal level like others can't.  Plus, all of the performances are spot on.  Marisa Tomei?  Epic. 9. Sophie's Choice Meryl Streep is as divine as ever.  This movie inspires my acting. 10. The Artist.  Not only do I love silent films, but I can truly say that this particular silent film changed my life.  Words can't justly express how thankful and awestruck I am that I'm in such a historic, cinematic masterpiece.   --- Image courtesy of Jen Lilley.

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