Farzaneh Milani Documentary

September 12, 2012

I had the amazing fortune to meet Farzaneh Milani at a lunch event last week. I was not familiar with her work, but the awe that my editor approached her with immediately intrigued me. Farzaneh asked me about my interests and my background, and showed great concern at how far I live from my family. I was quite under dressed for this lunch (when meeting a Baroness, do NOT wear a Salsa t-shirt!), and felt out of place; she sensed my awkwardness and insisted on me sitting by her when I confessed I wasn't sure where to sit. When the lunch was over, she gave me a huge hug and wished me all the best in my studies; I promptly turned to Ginger Moran and told her I wanted Farzaneh to be my best friend. Ginger replied that I should get in line.

This documentary is compelling; its seamless weaving between English and Persian is emblematic both of Farzaneh's own bilingual ability and the admirable duality in her person. She is a truly wonderful scholar, and has changed the field of Persian poetry studies, but she is also a devoted mother, kind friend, and frankly adorable grandmother. Watching this was great, and meeting her was even greater. I hope you all enjoy it!

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