Staying Safe During Spring Break

March 07, 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jyle Dupuis

Spring Break is quickly approaching for all of our students at UVa. This student holiday has come to signify the time when exams are all over and behind you. Who wouldn't want to celebrate that! Now that all of that hard work studying is over you can give your brain its much-needed rest. Some of you might be going home to see family and friends while others have plans to travel to exotic destinations. Wherever the planned destination may be, staying safe should always be your number one concern.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Here are a few simple tips that could help keep you safe when traveling to your favorite Spring Break destination.

  • Travel with a friend or group: Traveling with a companion is the easiest way to stay safe. When traveling with a buddy, never leave her alone, especially if she is intoxicated. If you have to get split up, make sure you know where each other is and when each is expected back.
  • Keep important document/items safe: Thieves prey on unsecured items left on the beach, sometimes mere inches away from you while sunbathing. Leave all of your personal valuables in your hotel room or lockbox. Try to carry just one photo id, a credit card and cell phone. That should all just fit in one pocket.
  • Pack smart: You don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. This will just prove to be cumbersome for you and cause you to leave out some more important travel items. Pack a basic first-aid kit and include aspirin or Tylenol - traveling can be stressful and debilitating headaches can be a common side effect.
  • Always pay attention to where you are: It is common when traveling as a group to lose track of your surroundings and become lost. You might end up stranded and have to find your own way back to the hotel, so be mindful of where you are at all times for your own personal safety.
  • Don’t drink anything that has been left unattended: It’s all too easy to become drugged or sedated.
  • Knowing when to leave: If at anytime you become uncomfortable in a situation or surrounding, leave! Most times you will know if a situation is not good to be in. Knowing when to get away and leave by listening to your inner intuition is the best way your can stay safe.

On behalf of all of the staff here at Iris Magazine we wish you all a fun & safe Spring Break. 


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