Top 5 Apps: Education

October 07, 2013

Who said learning had to be so daunting? It's time to evaluate the way we approach learning and our attitudes associated with it. Whether you are the independent scholar or the inquisitive at heart, these five apps are sure to help you get that quick fix while on the go.

  1. TED TED Known as a nonprofit organization devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading" the widespread popularity of the talks is no surprise. The talks are hosted by some of the world's most fascinating people in the fields of education, technology, medicine, business, politics, and the arts. Videos are available with more than 90 languages offered as subtitle options, and the menu itself can be browsed in a user's preferred language. With the option to download videos and watch offline, it is incredibly convenient for those looking for an intellectual stimulant while on the go. Free, iPhone and Android compatible.   2. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine FlipBoard A bridging of world news and social news. The newsreader and social network hub that lets you organize and customize the information you want to read, with the familiarity of a magazine at your fingertips. When you create a magazine, you give it a title and description, select its category and set it as public or private. After, you can choose to share the magazine to Facebook, Twitter or other social outlets. Flip through the news from your Twitter or Facebook timelines, as well as from outlets like The New York Times, USA Today and Rolling Stone. It's the best of both worlds. Free, iPhone and Android compatible.   3. FinLitTV FinLitTV How would you rate your financial literacy? Have you even thought about your financial literacy? Many people in this day and age would probably agree that financial literacy is important, however, they can't find the time to take a class or read a textbook on it. The FinLitTv app is the perfect solution. FinLitTV contains Q&A that offers assessment of personal financial literacy at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Quizzes focus on the users' knowledge of borrowing, earning, budgeting, and investing practices. No matter where you fall on the financial literacy spectrum, you're bound to learn something new. With numerous video clips to choose from, they provide financial answers, tips, and resources that you can start implementing right away! Free, iPhone compatible   4. iTriage: Health, Doctor, Symptoms, and Healthcare search iTriage Created by two ER medical doctors, iTriage gives you quick access to a huge healthcare and medical database all within the palm of your hand. iTriage can help answer all of your symptom questions along with searching for nearby hospital emergency rooms, doctors and physicians offices, and pharmacies to fill/refill prescriptions. Creating an account allows you to keep your health records, insurance information, and prior medications all in one conveniently accessible app. With this interactive app you can even learn about potential causes by clicking on certain bodies parts of the human body. Free, iPhone and Android compatible.   5. DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo If the name didn't automatically morph you into a fan and bring back glorious memories of your nursery school days, then maybe the idea of private searching made simple will. Unique to other search engines, DuckDuckGo refrains from logging your search queries and doesn't tailor results based on your browsing history, so you're guaranteed to get unfiltered access to the Web. If the thought of whether a link was safe to click on has ever crossed your mind, DuckDuckGo has you covered. Based on ratings crowd sourced from millions of volunteers who rate sites’ trustworthiness in handling user data, the color-coded warnings are displayed. Free, iPhone and Android compatible. Image Credit: & By Breeonna Reed

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