Long-Distance Relationships: Make it Work or Call it Quits?

November 21, 2013

Heading off to college and leaving a significant other behind can be really stressful - especially if you are going to be in two different cities (or states!). Deciding whether to continue dating can be a discouraging and overwhelming experience. As in most cases, some relationships were meant to last forever and others are merely temporary.  Here are some guidelines for managing a long-distance romance.

  Be Open and Honest Before you part ways, be upfront about the fact that you will no longer see each other as often as you used to.  Discuss how that makes you both feel and, if you decide to stay together, come up with some ground rules to help each other feel secure in the relationship. Figure out how often you will visit, what the rules are about spending time with the opposite sex, etc… If nothing else, you will get a better understanding of where things stand. Long Distance LoveHave a Balanced Life You may still be in a relationship but you don’t want to adopt a hermit’s lifestyle. Meet new friends, socialize and attend events while maintaining your commitment to your relationship. It is important that you have your own life so that, in the unfortunate event of a breakup, you are not completely isolated and alone. Make School Your Priority Ultimately, you are at school to get an education.  How you perform can have a major impact on the rest of your life.  Regularly evaluate your situation to make sure that you are adequately focusing on your schoolwork and plan your visits so that they do not conflict with study periods, exams or big assignments. Stay Calm and Control Jealousy Overreacting to missed phone calls or suspicions is a major reason why long-distance relationships fail. Think of a time when someone was trying to reach you and incorrectly assumed you were ignoring them. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt but, if it becomes a pattern, you may have to make some decisions about your future. Be a Realist Breakups happen all the time for a variety of reasons. You will both be exploring unchartered territory, meeting new people and having new experiences along the way. It is very possible that you will begin to feel more connected to the people in your immediate environment and your partner could feel the same way. Keep communication open and, if you find yourself struggling to relate to your significant other, it may be a sign that you have outgrown your relationship. By Jeanne Dupuis. Image Credit: http://tinyurl.com/mxkw88a.

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