VFF Film Review: Brave Miss World

November 12, 2013

Brave Miss World tells the inspiring story of Linor Abargil, Miss Israel who was brutally abducted, raped and stabbed in Milan, Italy. A mere six weeks after the rape, the 18-year-old went on to win the Miss World title.

I sat in awe as I listened to Linor’s story.  Immediately after undergoing such a physical and emotional trauma, she gracefully accepted her Miss World crown as millions watched. Since, Linor has taken the opportunity of being crowned Miss World to become a worldwide advocate for fellow rape victims. Instead of hiding in the shadow of sadness and despair after her rape, she instead has spoken out. Linor-Abargil-3In and of itself, the story of Linor’s rape is agonizing. However, for me, the most incredible part of her story is how she took that anger, pain, and sadness from her rape and channeled it in a full throttled search for justice – not just for herself as she worked to keep her rapist in jail, but also for millions of other rape survivors around the world, both male and female.  Linor’s story is no longer just about her, but about the millions of other survivors of rape across the world.  She has become a friend, a mentor, and an advocate for survivors by traveling world wide (from South Africa to Los Angeles) and founding a website as an outlet for survivors. Her story has enabled others to tell their stories. Linor has taken her title of Miss World literally: beauty and fame aside, she has bravely used the opportunity to become a worldwide leader for fellow victims of sexual assault and rape. You can learn more about Linor's efforts here. A special thanks to the Virginia Film Festival for the opportunity to view this film. By Anna Perina. Image Credit: http://tinyurl.com/kwsl6m3.

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