WOMEN ABOUT (down) TOWN: Part 4

March 26, 2015

Helen McLaughlin

While living in Richmond, Karen and her husband, Jim, opened Roxie Daisy, a supremely inviting and charming home décor boutique on the corner of First and East Water Street, just off the Downtown Mall (and across from Darling). First they set up shop in August 2011, and then they set up home, buying and moving into a stone cottage here, in Charlottesville, a year later. Though young, Roxie Daisy has a whole lot of history. For starters, the name comes from Jim's grandmother, Roxie Daisy Myers, a woman who embodied southern hospitality, warmth, and fun. The inspiration behind opening this particular store seemed to have been something that was always in Karen’s blood: "The reason I wanted to open a home/lifestyle store is perhaps influenced by my parents. My father was vice president of a major furniture company, and my mother was a home furnishings writer. I have always been exposed to the world of home interiors; it was just natural!"

Roxie Daisy's goods aren't only for the gainfully employed homeowner; a wide variety of price points make it possible for everyone to engage in a little retail therapy.

This isn't Karen's first rodeo, either. She graduated college with a degree in art history and went on to work for Neiman Marcus. "That is where I got the retail bug." A creative career in retail ensued. Prior to opening Roxie Daisy, she was employed in Richmond where she and her husband raised their family. "Once my boys had grown and left home, I decided it was time to have my own store." Karen knew that owning a store would mean wearing easily a half dozen hats; still, some hats are more fun to wear than others. "From traveling to buy merchandise for the shop to carrying boxes to the curb for trash pick-up and everything in between, my favorite part of having a business in Charlottesville has been building relationships with all of the wonderful customers who walk through our doors!" One Friday at the very end of February, I popped my head into Roxie Daisy to get out of the cold and into the Downtown space that's known for being "where the heart is." Naturally, Karen welcomed me warmly. Helen McLaughlin: What Downtown event(s) should the U.Va. Woman make sure to put in her smartphone for March? Karen Myers: We are so fortunate to have a wonderful theater and music scene in downtown Charlottesville. From the Jefferson to Live Arts, there are so many great concerts and plays that would be so much fun to go to. In March, the Virginia Festival of the Book should not be missed! HM: Complete this sentence: "Charlottesville just wouldn't be the same without __________, __________, and __________." KM: Charlottesville just wouldn't be the same without the Farmer's Market, Friday's After Five, and all the places to get a great burger (my favorite food). HM: This one, too: "__________ is something we could really use here in Charlottesville." KM: Barneys is something we could really use here in Charlottesville. HM: It seems as though winter will never end! What do you do/eat/buy in the Downtown area to remind yourself that spring will come again? KM: In front of Roxie Daisy, we have flower boxes. While the winter hasn't been very friendly to them, the planning of what flowers and herbs we will soon be planted inspire us to think of spring. Also, each day, we receive deliveries of new spring merchandise. Unpacking beautiful candles, pillows, bed linens and clothes is a daily reminder to us that spring is on its way!

Roxie Daisy Sign Look for this sign/storefront of Roxie Daisy on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville!

Extra Credit HM: What percent Wahoo are you? (Even if honorary?) KM: Good question! If you take the sum of our family (four of us), our oldest son is a Wahoo, so I guess I am 25 percent. (But don't tell my husband... He is a Virginia Tech Hokie!)  

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