5 Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Empowering Female Movie Characters

October 26, 2015

Disclaimer: I am all for women wearing whatever they choose. If you want to wear a traditionally sexy Halloween costume, by all means, please do it. I just want to give other options besides Sexy Cecil the Lion, ya feel?

1. Amy from Trainwreck

Giving a voice to all 20-somethings who drink too much, have too many one-night stands, or don’t know exactly what they’re doing (read: everyone), Amy is unapologetically herself. If only you could ferry-of-shame home the next morning instead of calling your traditional Uber.

  • What you’ll need: A strapless dress or top, a paper bag, a wine bottle, a forgotten sense of dignity
  • Your catchphrase: “Monogamy isn’t realistic.”
  • When to use it: Whenever people gush over how cute couples costumes are.  

2. Cady Heron from Mean Girls

Cady exemplifies the lesson we all learned from Mean Girls: put other women down, and karma will hit you like a bus. Or that a bus will literally hit you. Ditch the “Plastics” costume and dress up as who Cady ultimately becomes: a Mathlete prom queen who breaks off pieces of her crown to give to a bunch of different women. Just make sure you maintain that it is October 3rd no matter how many times people tell you it’s actually Halloween.

  • What you’ll need: A blue polo, a varsity-inspired jacket, jeans, a medal, a crown
  • Your catchphrase: “The limit does not exist. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!”  
  • When to use it: Your friends suggest you should maybe pass on that 5th Reese's cup.

3. Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

Often wrongfully characterized as a villain, Miranda Priestly is a badass woman who excels at her job in the cutthroat world of fashion. She’s honest about her likes and dislikes and expects excellence from everyone around her. But I would recommend against throwing your coat and purse on the first surface you see when you walk into a room.

  • What you’ll need: A suit jacket, devil horns, a magazine
  • Your catchphrase: “That’s all.”
  • When to use it: The DMV asks for your social security number and you successfully recite it without blinking an eye.  

4. Olive Penderghast from Easy A

If you want to wear a sexy Halloween costume with some irony, this is the one for you. People will be all, “oh, are you a sexy ladybug?” and you’ll be all “I’m actually Olive Penderghast, a fictional high school woman who was falsely accused of being a slut so she reclaimed the term taking inspiration from Hester Prynne by branding all her clothes with the letter ‘A’ to prove women can express their sexuality however they choose BOOM.” And then they’ll probably walk away, but hey. You tried.  

  • What you’ll need: A lingerie-inspired top, a red cut-out “A”, dark pants, black sunglasses
  • Your catchphrase: “Ooooh, burn!”
  • When to use it: Someone accuses you of just wanting an excuse to wear a sexy costume.  

5. A Barden Bella from Pitch Perfect

It takes the Barden Bellas a little while to realize the only way to win is by showcasing each member’s individuality, but they get there. Everyone wears her Bella uniform differently, making it even easier for you to pull from whatever happens to be in your closet. Now go on and finger-snap your night away while telling everyone their costumes are “aca-awesome.”

  • What you’ll need: A white top, a neck scarf, a blazer/vest, jeans
  • Your catchphrase: “Horizontal running.”
  • When to use it: When asked what workout routine you used to get in shape for Halloween. Now go forth and do these fictional female characters real-life justice. The amount everyone loves your costume will prove that creativity and cleverness can be just as sexy as showing skin.

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