Meet BOLD: Black Oasis for Learning & Development Research Society

October 28, 2015

Hoo's Hoo?

 Carly Gorelick

Many CIOs at UVA play a central role in promoting greater spaces and resources for minority students at UVA. The purpose of this spotlight is to give these CIOs that operate for the benefit of minority communities on grounds another platform to be heard and acknowledged. The hope is that this spotlight can encourage recognition and involvement by the student body, particularly going forward into the 2015/2016 academic year. Iris is inspired by the devotion, spirit, and the goals of these CIOs and wants to give credit to these groups accordingly.

BOLDChatting with DeAnza Cook What is your position in the organization and what does your role entail? As President of Black Oasis for Learning & Development (BOLD) Research Society, I oversee the operations of the BOLD Executive Board and General Body. I am primarily responsible for managing BOLD’s partnerships across the University, including the Center of Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) and the Office of African American Affairs (OAAA). Most importantly, I set the main agenda for the organization and ensure that all BOLD activities and initiatives are fulfilling the CIO’s mission of empowering students of color to pursue undergraduate research. What are the ultimate goals of your CIO and how do members work to accomplish them? The mission of BOLD is to establish and sustain an intellectual oasis that empowers UVa students of African descent to pursue academic research and scholarship opportunities at the University of Virginia and beyond. Our vision for BOLD is to erect a permanent and sustainable network of black scholars and increase the visibility and presence of researchers of color on grounds. Our goals are as follows: • To ensure that students of color have access to vital resources for securing research opportunities • To encourage students of color to pursue undergraduate scholarship and research opportunities • To facilitate stronger relationships between underrepresented student groups and the CUE/URN • To provide a forum for students of color to present their research to a multicultural audience

What does your club hope to achieve this fall semester? Are there any upcoming events we should expect this semester? This Fall, BOLD Research Society will be hosting several Professor Meet and Greets each month in order to connect students with professors doing research on grounds. We will also be hosting a Research 101 workshop open to all students in order for them to learn the basics of the research process. In October, BOLD is launching an initiative to collect information from all student researchers of color on grounds. We hope to use this information to match current researchers with interested students who desire to hear firsthand what research is like at UVA. How can the student body get involved with your organization? Students interested in BOLD Research Society can attend any of our events advertised on UVA’s pages. We can also be reached at What do you love about your organization? BOLD Research Society is a unique group of students who all desire to learn more about the world. It’s great to be surrounded my like-minded individual who will support you with all of your scholarly endeavors.   From this series: Meet the Middle Eastern Leadership Council (MELC)

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