What Eleven Students Wore to Alderman During Finals

December 21, 2016
Alderman Library

Ah, it’s that time of year again, folks. When students all across Grounds from a myriad of different majors and years congregate at the libraries to frantically finish their ten-page essay for Media Studies or problem set for Computer Science (… at least I think that’s what they do in CS classes) or review ten chapters of biology he/she was not in class to synthesize. I took to Alderman to observe some of our wonderful, studious students. In classic finals fashion, the line for Greenberry’s was out the door, and it took us three and a half years to find a table to work at. 

We’re stressed and we’re tired and we’re sleep-deprived, but at least we look good. Here’s what eleven of us wore to Alderman during finals week. 

Gillian This is Gillian. She’s fashionable as fuck. When I told her that I was taking pictures of what people were wearing during finals she said, “Well, you chose a great day – I spent an hour on this outfit.” Time well spent, Gillian. Time well spent. 

This is a guy I asked to take a picture of in the Scholar’s Lab. He had some hip glasses on. Wish I snapped his shoes too; they were gray and pointy. You know the type (maybe you don’t but they were cool). 

This is a girl I saw in front of Alderman. She was Facetiming her sister, but she let me take a picture of her anyway. I said she looked great (what a lovely dress), and she said it was only  because of a sorority thing she was going to. She looks great anyway. 

This is my roommate, Samantha. She’s probably the cutest person I’ve ever met, and damn, look at that sweater. It was fourish dollars at Goodwill and is softer than Charmin Ultrasoft toilet paper (and that stuff is soft). What a steal.


This is my coworker, Jacob. He’s from Texas and he once explained to me the intricacies behind a rodeo and that it takes about a day’s worth of a drive to get from the top of the state to the bottom. We’ve bonded over owning the same pair of Clark’s. 


This is a girl I stopped at Clemons (I know it’s not Alderman – I apologize for my inconsistency – but at least I’m honest) because I liked her scarf a lot. It looked warm, and I wanted to ask if I could feel it, but that might have been weird. 


This is Debbie. Is she sweltering under all those layers, you ask? Why yes, yes, she is. Debbie’s from Michigan. Around this time of year it’s colder than a White Walker’s touch over there so she’s pretty prepared (although we probably won’t be experiencing any of that kind of bitterness until March considering Virginia’s wonky weather). I stopped her because her lipstick/glasses combo was perfection. 


This is my friend, Jake. A person came up to us once and asked us if he could take a picture of us for a brochure, so I think we’re on a brochure somewhere out there (wow, we’re famous). He’s got a nice, simple style.


These girls were waiting to interview someone. Laptop stickers, suede boots, sweaters, black dress, tights? V nice combos. Also Mariana has the same glasses as I do so you know she knows what’s up. S/o to Warby Parker.


This is my other roommate, Damini. She’s got long billowy hair. Seriously, it actually billows. I pass her on the sidewalk, and it looks like there’s a giant fan following behind her. Nice sweater too.


This is Danvy and Olivia. They’ve known each other for all four years they’ve been here. I wonder if they borrow from each other’s closets. A quote:

Danvy: I want the picture to say “bookworm” but I want to show that I’m still fun. A fun bookworm.

Olivia: You should put that on your Tinder profile.

Have a happy and healthy finals, everyone. Stay sane, stay stylish.

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