Find Your Rhythm: A Letter from the Editor

November 13, 2017
A hand-drawn photo of a drum on an orange background
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

BREAKING NEWS: it's not always great to be a woman. Shocking, huh? I could make a list of a quite a few things that tend to make womanhood seem more like a curse than the blessing.

What are they? Oh, where to begin... There is the constant fear of being assaulted, the oppressive beauty standards, the pressure to be excited about your school celebrating 200 years when women haven't even been here for 50, the men consistently trying to legislate our bodies... I could go on, but I'll spare you. 

At this point, the wrongs against women are so plentiful and so common, that it becomes easy to accept them as a part of everyday life. Maybe even live with them and ignore them, letting them be the backdrop of our lives. Like elevator music. 

But, let's be real here: elevator music is terrible. That's why it's important for us to stop the track and find our own rhythm. 

And what's so exciting about that is we all find our own rhythm in different ways! (Hello: that's why it's called our own rhythm). I march to the beat of my own drum by being a loud and unapologetic Beyoncé-obsessed Black woman at all times. That's where my dance moves are the best. Maybe you find your rhythm by expressing youself through your fashion, by playing a sport that is typically seen as male, or by literally finding your rhythm through an all-female salsa performance

Society is always telling us what to do and forcing us to be so many things at once. That's why we have to beat our drums as loudly as possible, and do all these things we love as loudly and as frequently as we want. 

What does your rhythm sound like?

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