A Poem From 2 A.M.

February 12, 2019
Old camera with a light purple background
Art by Kirsten Hemrich


Let me capture

Your likeness forever.

Look at me and

Hide your sad.


Don’t look so ugly and angry.

You will regret this.


Look happy:

To pretend.

Is anything strong enough

To wrench my lips up?



My face is a mirror.

For once

Reflecting the hues of my emotions.


My eyes show


My mouth shows



My eyes are


My mouth is

Stiff and unyielding.

Arms are a



Remember me this way:

Not part of your perfection

Your facade

Your truth and lies.


Stare at your teeth.

Their shape imprinted in my mind

Porcelain walls that willingly release

Hatred and




Feel it seep into my pores.

Grab hold.

Even after twenty-one years

It still hurts.


I will not smile.

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