Letter from the Editor

November 14, 2019
Letter in envelope surrounded by flowers
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Whenever I’m in my childhood home, I’ll spend hours exploring the cabinets of old photo albums, as I indulge in a healthy serving of nostalgia. I let my fingers graze over the crinkly overlay, ruminating over who I was and what I cared about most in each portrait of my personal history. Even today, I keep meticulous track of all my pictures and their corresponding time in place, eager to hold on to moments as they exist in time. Sometimes I even get nostalgic over a time that is currently happening, already waiting for the not-so-far future when I reminisce on the days I’m experiencing now. 

Especially as we head full speed into the end of the semester, some moments feel so large and important and profound, that all I can do is commit them to memory as accurately as possible. I walk around Grounds taking mental snapshots of the color of the leaves. I want to bottle up the smell of cold air. Remember it, I tell myself. Don’t forget this moment, this time. 

In this edition of Iris, we remember and look forward. Mackenzie Williams takes us behind the scenes of a new “radically inclusive” support group for survivors of sexual assault, whose members seek to “build a world where organizations like this one don’t have to exist.” Caroline Bohra gifts us with the perfect playlists for a multitude of memorable moments, setting to music scenes of life as if we were each the protagonist of our own coming-of-age film. Like Caroline, our esteemed Women’s Center Director, Abby Palko, writes her own tribute to the old-fashioned playlist—the mixtape—and what one special “travelling” tape has meant to her over the years. Speaking of the soundtracks of our lives, for Lexi Toufas, My Chemical Romance seemingly wrote the score for her childhood-to-college relationship with her brother, cousins, and inner, searching self. And for sheer musical joy, read—and sing and dance and hop around to—Cady Rombach’s ode to doing things you’re bad at, making a convincing case that “it’s time to take back the delight of dabbling—to sing loudly in the shower with no holds barred.”

Here at Iris, we are so happy to have you with us, creating memories of the time we’re in, and moving together—with courage and love—towards next semester and beyond.


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