Speaking in HUES: New podcast coming soon

December 13, 2019
screenshot of trailer video for HUES podcast

Y’all cannot understand how much work and excitement and time has gone into this project.

Maybe this TRAILER will help. Please watch and spread the word.


When can I start listening?

Plan to tune in for Speaking in Hues episodes beginning on January, 30 2020 on speakinginhues.buzzsprout.com and wherever you get your podcasts.

How can I get updates?

Follow @irismagazine on Twitter,

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or Facebook to be sure you're getting all the latest updates on Speaking in Hues.

What is Speaking in HUES anyway?

hues podcast iconSpeaking in HUES: A Podcast for Women of Color (by women of color) is a conversation about navigating The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and beyond, as a woman of color. Join me, Elizabeth Bangura, and my co-host, Marwah Shuaib, also a fourth-year student, as we and our guests examine hard data and share lived experience about working, studying, loving, thriving, and surviving in white spaces. Speaking in Hues incorporates candid interviews and personal storytelling to create a platform in which the voices of Women of Color can reach us all.

Who can I thank for creating Speaking in HUES?!

Speaking in HUES is created by UVA students with love and support from Iris Magazine and the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center. 


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