Letter from the Editor

April 20, 2020
illustration of window looking out at picture of earth
Art by Kirsten Hemrich 

There are two baby rabbits making a home out of a nook in the fence in my backyard. As evidenced by the pictures my dad sent our family group message, they are expert cuddlers. Their closeness makes them an intertwined blob of fur amongst leaves and grass. Lately I’ve been feeling like those bunnies. 

Sometimes I just want to cuddle up into a warm spot and stay put. 

I’m a textbook introvert, and someone who really values time alone. So, you can imagine that, in a lot of ways, I feel built for these days of staying inside and practicing social isolation. I’ll give you my optimistic point of view, which is that now is a time to reflect and work on yourself. I don’t mean that you have to find your hustle and be super productive—rather, put some mental effort into taking stock of your emotions and your thoughts. Journal, read something thought-provoking, limit your news intake, watch an old favorite movie, or just sit outside. Listening, breathing. And never forget to give yourself the love and understanding you give others. 

Luckily, Iris is here to help you on your journey and to be a part of the experience. Sit with Elizabeth Bangura in the elliptical space between what could have been (fourth year on Grounds) and what is (dutiful, doleful limbo). Shake off pandemic 2020 by reliving the most cringeworthy and excellent moments of the 2010s, courtesy of Caroline Bohra. With first-year freelancer Addison Gilligan, transform your purple childhood bedroom into a light grey world of new possibilities, courtesy of the pandemic lockdown. Now that time is so fluid and funky, find your reading rhythm again, with Women’s Center director Abby Palko. For a fun flight of fancy (pun intended, watch, love, and roll your eyes at the “top five” birds outside Lexi Toufas’s window. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, join us for a journey (be aware, this is intense and vivid) into the confusion and pain of sexual assault. Finally, the Iris team provides their expert recommendations for your viewing, listening, and reading pleasure. We hope you can find as much joy and comfort out of our favorites as we do.

I’m trying to remember that it’s okay to feel content, to stick close with your loved ones, and appreciate the comfort of a well-known backyard (even if there is a whole world beyond it). We can take stock of all the blessings we have, express gratitude, and maybe for a little just let ourselves be. No judgement, no expectations. With love from all of us at Iris.


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Letter From the Editor