Top Five Birds at The Bird Feeder Outside My Window

April 20, 2020
Birds sitting on a branch
Art by Kirsten Hemrich 

5. The Northern Mockingbirds AKA the Sentinels

They get last because as cute as they are as a couple, and as much as I appreciate them making a nest in the bush outside my window (hopefully I see some babies sometime soon, fingers crossed), Northern Mockingbirds are territorial as heck. They scare all my other birds away when they are being aggressive, and that is not okay. That’s why I call them the Sentinels. Northern Mockingbirds don’t even eat seed in the summer (preferring insects because they are probably tired of seed from the fall and winter), yet they still bully my other visitors away from the suet. They also get 5th place because though they technically don’t eat the seed at the feeder, they do stay in the bush that is so close I have to count them. They aren’t afraid of me either. I really have to wave my arms to scare them. I only do that when I’m mad at them for being greedy jerks. I also detest Northern Mockingbird calls. All they do is repeat and copy every other bird they’ve heard. I need some originality. It is amazing they memorize that much, but still.


4. House Finches AKA Mr. and Mrs. Red

They are the most polite visitors, and they were the first and bravest to come to the feeder. Technically, I have two couples of House Finches that come, but they are really hard to distinguish, so they are all Mr. and Mrs. Red to me. They mostly just chirp, and are a brilliant, vibrant red. They truly are sweet. too. Once I caught Mr. Red feeding his partner. It was very cute.


3. Chipping Sparrows AKA The Boys

They get ranked at number 3 solely because they actually sing at the feeder rather than just chirp. I appreciate birds actually singing at my feeder. They are The Boys because they are my personal boyband. There are also way too many of them for me to actually distinguish between them. They have beautiful, pigmented copper heads. They eat the seed that falls on the ground, too, which I appreciate when my dad gets mad because weeds and corn start to grow from the bird seed on the ground. He threatens to take it away, but these little beauties help me out. 


2. Northern Cardinals AKA Cardinal Richelieu and Lady Richelieu

Cardinals are the state bird of Virginia and are some of the more vibrantly colored birds. Their red always impresses me. I named my cardinal visitors after Cardinal Richelieu because he was the only Cardinal I knew by name. I did some research and realized he was actually a Cardinal who supported an absolute monarchy in France for one of the Louis. That doesn’t sound good, but bonus points for teaching me something about history. Cardinals also have calls that sound like Storm Trooper guns.


1. Carolina Chickadees

Chickadees are still some of my favorite birds. A pair visits often to peck at the suet. I like to think they are getting dessert after a date. Two chickadees sweet on each other, and on the suet at the bird feeder outside my window. 


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