Two Poems by Cathartes Aura

October 13, 2020
purple and white flowers on a blue background
Art by Kim Salac

I Try Not to Consider the Lilies


I try not to consider the lilies

or think of how they are arrayed

because I know that they are greater

than any earthly king.

Because when I do consider the lilies

I toil and spin in ways I’m not supposed to


Because I can’t want them and

I’m not allowed to have the others

so I burn in the fields as I’m asked

so that I don’t ask any more questions.


And you ask me not to be anxious



A Hunt for Morning Glories


I am greedy because I want to share

a hunt for morning glories.

Each flower blooms and dies within

the same day, so we must find the ones

we love the most in the mornings

before they disappear.

There is no hurry or worry, however,

because even as the flowers grow and wither,

the vines will continue to twine

up the hills and hay bales,

blossoming a new flash of

brilliance each day.


It could be a whole day,

following the crisscross trails

of snails and slugs that shimmer

in the sunlight, writing in a language

we will never know, to a flower

that will never show its mournful

face again. 


I am greedy for these flowers

but I will never be able to share them with you.



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