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Mary Esselman

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Madeline Baker

Maddie is a Fourth Year studying English and History. She enjoys spending time with her family, Mediterranean food, Michael Fassbender, and the Whole Foods salad bar. She loves the beach and falling asleep to paranormal podcasts. Her favorite thing to write about is herself. 


photo of Laura Hinnenkamp

Laura Hinnenkamp

Laura is a third year with a double major in English and Women, Gender & Sexuality. She believes in the value of art as a tool for social change and the power of the written word to connect us all. In her free time, Laura enjoys watching cheesy movies and reading new books. 

Kirsten Hemrich

Kristen Hemrich is Iris' Digital Media Contributor for this year! She is a fourth year student and artist living in Charlottesville, VA. Her work has been exhibited in multiple galleries around town. She currently runs a podcast on the arts that airs on WTJU Radio and she is the director of WXTJ Student Radio. Her paintings can be found on her blog:

Bel Banta

Bel Banta is a fourth year English major from New York. When she's in the city, she spends too much time browsing for books at the Strand. When she's in Charlottesville, she spends too much time reading the books that she bought at the Strand. For more of Bel's writing, visit

Maeve Hayden

Maeve is a fourth year Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major. She is a proud transfer student, and in the past served on the Transfer Advisory Board and worked as a Transfer Student Peer Advisor. In her free time she loves reading fantasy novels and watching sitcoms.

photo of Elizabeth Bangura

Elizabeth Bangura

Lizz is currently a third year majoring in the Area Program in Literary Prose and plans on double majoring in Media Studies. She enjoys using art to create social commentaries and promote social justice. In her free time she enjoys sleeping, vibing to music, sleeping, eating and cooking, sleeping, hanging out with friends and sleeping. She looks forward to the day she resides in her Fenty house, sitting in her Fenty clothes, on her Fenty couch, watching her Fenty TV, with her Fenty water in hand.

Marwah Shuaib

Marwah Shuaib is a third year studying Global Development and English in the Area Program for Literary Prose. She prefers tea to coffee and is only okay at pop culture. Find her on twitter @marwahshuaib for musings on leftist feminism and anecdotal embarrassments.

Sierra Loudermilk

Hi everybody! My name is Sierra Loudermilk. I'm a fourth year CLAS student double majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality and African American Studies hoping to pursue a career in non-profit work after graduation. When I'm not furiously sharing NPR articles on my Facebook or circulating ~premium~ intersectional content on Twitter, you can usually find me reading outside somewhere or curled up in bed with Netflix and friends. I love all things sweet (except chocolate), I have a baby seal tattooed on my ribcage, and I aspire to make fun of myself at least once a day.

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