Bada** Women in Literature: An Interview with Professor Susan Fraiman

As a Foreign Affairs and East Asian Studies major, I am no stranger to reading long and complicated nonfiction books. Fiction, however, is not really my forte. In spite of this, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this past fall semester and take an English course titled “Women in Literature: Contemporary Women’s Texts,” and it has easily become one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at U.Va.

Recap of Substance Abuse Prevention Week at U.Va.: "I'll Remember My Last Home Game"


A Night (or Several!) at the Movies: Virginia Film Festival Reviews

Virginia Film Festival at the Paramount

With 41 sold out shows, a record 28, 609 tickets issued, and a 46.1 percent increase in box office sales from its 2013 record, the 2014 Virginia Film Festival was undeniably a triumphant success.

The festival kicked off on Nov. 6 at the Jefferson Theater with an extravagant opening gala, complete with a live band, champagne and all the prosciutto a starving college student could ever dream of.


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