Top 5 Clubs to Join at U.Va.

Ah, the school year has begun! While you may be tempted to split your time between hours of reading (ahem, procrastinating) on the bottom floor of Clemons and dancing the night away on the top floor of Trinity, why not use this year to make a difference for others? U.Va. is home to around 350 clubs. While this may sound intimidating, fear not! With the help of my peers, I have chosen the top 5 clubs at U.Va.

What does it mean to join the Community of Trust?

What does it mean to join the Community of Trust?

“On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment.”

An entire culture at this University has grown out of this phrase: a community of trust. Entering first-years have probably written a similar phrase on every high school test they’ve ever taken, but they will soon find out that the notion behind this pledge extends far beyond the promise of keeping your eyes to yourself.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Place Feel Like Home

My childhood dream was to become an interior designer. While most kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I spent my weekend mornings watching HGTV design shows and helping my parents pick paint colors for our house. When I finally moved into an apartment this semester, I was excited to decorate my own place! Whether you’re moving into a new place or are looking to change it up a bit in your apartment, dorm or house, here are my top 5 tips to make the most of your space.


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