Bad A** Woman of the Week: Catherine White

This is National Girls and Women in Sports week, culminating in an event on Sunday to honor Lauren Purdue, so we thought we'd have a sporty BAWW. We did not have to look far to find one; Catherine White was an immediate obvious choice. Recently made a captain of the women's track team, White, enjoying her last season as a graduate student in kinesiology here at U.Va, has a long and decorated history in track.

Being Black at UVa

What does it mean to be black at U.Va? This the kind of question that immediately raises concern, that provokes thoughts, and that spawns long necessary-yet-draining discussions about race. The problem with this question, or at least one of the problems, is that it assumes that there is one black identity, one black experience. This is not at all black-specific; the same issues rise when we question what it means to be a woman here, to be gay here, to be African here, to be a graduate student here, to be an athlete here...

On Friendships in College

It is often said that you meet your best friends in college - your future bridesmaids, the godmothers to your future children, the ones you will meet up with time and again post graduation for cocktails and to relive the wild days of staying up way too late, partying way too much, and having more fun than your high school self ever thought possible. If you have found this not to be your experience in college, I sincerely hope that you find this kind of friend-love somewhere in your future.

Iris at the Inauguration

The day started early. My friend Leah had graciously offered the use of her apartment in the District so Sara, Lauren, and I would not have to worry about getting into the busy capital the morning of the Inauguration.  However this meant that six people were crammed into a space usually reserved for two.

Resolving Our Resolutions: Diets

I know that many people resolve to get fit, to lose weight, to change how they look, and then to change some aspects of their lives with the New Year. I’m interested in why that is, so I had a conversation with Amy Chestnutt, coordinator of the Women’s Center Eating Disorders Education Initiative. She says we need to change our minds about this kind of change. We need to change: 1) What we expect about how we look 2) What it means to change ourselves and how we go about it.

Coming Home (?!?)

LINGERR: I went home, I conquered home, and then I came back... home. I think figuring out what home means is difficult; difficult because it changes frequently and completely, and is entirely dependent on what I'm categorizing as where I live. Is your home: 1. Where you live now?: in which case, my home is Charlottesville. I miss it when I'm gone, I'm comfortable when I'm here. But surely that isn't enough? Is your home: 2. Where you grew up: so my homes would be California, and The Gambia.


Letter From the Editor