"Nine for IX" and Our "BadA** Women in Sports" Panel on October 28, 2013

In preparation for our Bad-A** Women in Sports panel October 28, I've taken a look at espnW's summer series called "Nine for IX." In honor of the 40th anniversary of Title IX, espnW worked with ESPN Films to recreate the series 30 for 30 but this time focusing on women athletes through the eyes of female filmmakers (Cingari).

Self-Care During Midterm Season: Taking Care of You

When the academic year begins, the weather is nice, the workload seems manageable and the upcoming stress of exams feels so far away. Before long, however, we find ourselves in the midst of midterm season and, suddenly, even the smallest things feel overwhelming. We understand how intense this time of year can be for students and we’ve come up with some useful tips for self-care.

TEDx Charlottesville Open Mic Night: The Difference That Makes The Difference

Charlottesville has scheduled to host a TEDx conference this coming November. They have a great line up of speakers, promising to tell us what difference they think will make the difference, as prompted by this years TEDx theme. This year however, they decided to give people the opportunity to submit their ideas and participate in a TEDx "open mic night". 30 speakers were chosen and given 2 minutes to pitch their TEDx talk idea to the public audience at the Jefferson Theater.

Lessons from Tina Fey

As a loyal Wahoo, I can tell you that on my honor, the words, "I want to go to there!" came spewing out of my mouth loudly and excitedly when I read that Tina Fey was going to be speaking at the University of Virginia. As the first speaker of President Sullivan's "Speaker Series for the Arts", Tina was returning to Grounds to tell us all something about the value of the arts. Naturally, I set off to every social networking site I am part of and let everyone know the good news.

Get Educated: What's the Deal with HPV?

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), is the most common sexually transmitted infection.  Each year, approximately 79 million Americans are infected, with the majority of the cases being seen among people in their late teens and early 20s. One reason why HPV is so prevalent is that many infected individuals experience few to no symptoms and unknowingly pass the infection on to their partners.  There are more than 40 strains of the virus which is typically contracted through vaginal, oral and/or anal sex.

The Last First Day: Back to School

This is the year when “back to school” became back to responsibility. This is how it works: back to responsibility means back to worrying, back to worrying means an avalanche of anxiety about future job prospects, future apartment searches, future relationships. This is the state of things. This is what it means to be twenty-one and not blissfully ignorant of the fact that this is my last first day of school, my last chance to run back to mom and dad and say, “Wait! Help!


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