Gender, Identity, and Social Media

We live in an age of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…if you can connect to it, we’re on it. How do we make sense of the undeniable lure of these virtual communication avenues—is it our modern day society? Is it something internally motivated, maybe a fear of being alone? Perhaps it is a combination of both? And furthermore, what does this inescapable intermingling of communication, social media, and the virtual world mean for society’s vision of gender?

Iris Playlist Two: Spoooky!

Hauntingly selected by Addie Bender. We’re getting ready for Halloween here at the Iris office! You’re going to want to turn up the bass on this playlist, which features some of the most classic EDM anthems of the past year or two. We couldn’t leave out the original Halloween jams either- check out the “Monster Mash” and of course, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”! This playlist was inspired by an awesome event coming to Charlottesville on Wednesday, October 31st- Barstool Blackout! It will be hosted at the Jefferson Theater, one of Charlottesville’s best music venues.

We love Salsa!

Sweating, smiling, laughing, messing up, and feeling incredible. That is my state of mind and body on Sunday nights, Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, and any other night I can find. I have danced for a long time, but I only started Latin dancing last year, here at U.Va. Since then, as anyone who knows me can tiredly attest, Latin dancing has been a huge part of my life.

Interview with Essay Contest Winner Claude Clayton Smith

Claude Clayton Smith is a Professor Emeritus of English at Ohio Northern University, an author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, and the latest winner of our nonfiction essay contest. His winning essay, "Question Mark," caught our attention with its poignant descriptions of both the beginning and end of a relationship. The essay is featured in our Spring 2012 issue. Earlier this year, Iris connected with Claude via e-mail to ask him about his journey as a writer.


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