In Defense of Being a Sexy Bookish Homebody

Cup of coffee next to a stack of books
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Sometimes I take pictures of my books. I pull my favorites from their carefully selected spots on my shelf, and put them on top of my blanket, where the sunlight is shining. Sometimes I put them next to a cup of tea, or a small bundle of fake flowers. After I take my pictures, I edit and post them on my Instagram account dedicated to books, aka bookstagram.

A Word of Advice

Head with lots of confusion in the brain
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

I would say that when it comes to life advice, I am an expert in a few categories. I can recommend a really good fake tanner that isn’t streaky and lasts a long time. I can tell you where to get the best turkey and avocado sandwich in the United States (the Texas Wave at Hester’s Cafe in Corpus Christi, TX). I can also let you know that Birkenstocks don’t look good on anybody, and that is not an opinion, that is an established fact.

In Conversation with Dr. Jensen Montambault

a photo of Dr. Jensen Montambault
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

When Jensen Montambault was an undergraduate at UVA, she chose to divide her time between two disparate fields of study--Environmental Science and English Literature. She went on to obtain a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Ecology and has since written extensively about climate change and its impact on modern societies.

The Black Survivor's Guide Volume I: How to be a Striving Artist in White Spaces

Book open to a page reading "rule book"
Art by Kirsten Hemrich


Rule #1:  Do not deny yourself the actual human emotion of being nervous. That’s ok. Chances are, the only reason you are nervous is because you’re creating something “unconventional.” Remember that your race and your stories do not make you unconventional.


Rule #2:  With that said, do not show that you are too nervous. Don’t give them any excuse to pity you or your work.



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