Food for Thought: Ways to Nourish Your Mental Health

A hand-drawn photo of a brain that says "mental health" on top, with rainbows and hearts around the paper.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

The beginning of the semester is exciting. We get to come back to Charlottesville to see friends we’ve been missing, we start new and (hopefully) interesting classes, and we all feel invigorated to rock this semester. But all that can also drain us of our energy. Before we know it, we’re a month into classes and feel drowned with work and February weather. During times of change or transition, I always feel a disruption in my mental health, and I never need to look any further than the start of a new course load or the new year for these feelings to resurface.

Two Students Bring #MeToo to Grounds

A photo of Emily Angelotti and Emma Strickland.

Emily Angelotti and Emma Strickland are two second-year students bringing #MeToo to Grounds

If you’re on any sort of social media, you’ve likely seen the hashtag #MeToo posted by someone you know. The number of people who have posted, tagged, and tweeted the phrase has been staggering, and with this comes the shocking realization that so many people face harassment and assault.

We Did it, Folks!: A Letter From the Editor

A hand-drawn photo of balloons, champagne bottles, and confetti A
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Well, folks. We did it. We made it through another semester. Considering the circumstances under which we entered this semester, it certainly felt a little new this year. But we made it through! 

And 2017 is almost over, too. Whether this was the best year of your life, worst year of your life, or somewhere in between, give yourself a pat on the back for making it. 

The semester being over doesn't stop our Iris writers from doing great work. We have four excellent pieces for you to reflect on as you enjoy your break:

Having A Vagina is Hard: A Letter from the Editor

Hand-drawn photo of ovaries with two scales hanging off of them.
Art by Kirsten Hemrich.

Fun fact: having a vagina is hard.

If it's not the lawmakers trying to legislate what we do with our bodies, it's ridiculous pressures to make our vaginas "smell good."

If it's not those ridiculous pressures, it's the periods we certainly did not sign up for. Bleeding for days is bad enough, but then we have to make sure we have money to buy tampons? No wonder women of a certain age called it "the curse" (shout-out to Iris editor Mary...). 


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