Walking with Confidence


Photo courtesy of Amy Chestnutt, director of the Body Positive Eating Disorders Education Initiative
After the Kappa Delta Confidence Campaign 1.5 mile walk, students signed boards pledging to end fat talk.

The following has been re-printed from the April 6, 2014 edition of WUVAOnline with permission from the writer.

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Art for article on Internship tips (Top 5)_resized for Rotator

Photo illustration by Madhuri Bodrade

Undergraduate students are often lectured on the importance of finding an internship.

Not only does an internship provide experience in a specific field, but it allows you to question whether you are pursuing a path that best suits you, prior to actually being thrown out into the real world; thus when graduation rolls around and job searches become more important than ever, you will feel confident in your career choice. It allows for networking, hands-on experience and an opportunity for a letter of recommendation. Further, it gives the in’s and out’s of a specific field of interest while still learning about it.

Although all internships may provide valuable learning opportunities, here are a few resources to make sure you get it right the first time:

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Photo courtesy of Adelyn Bender
Fourth-year student and Assistant Editor of Iris Magazine, Adelyn Bender, poses alongside Virginia Moran, former Associate Director of the Women’s Center and Editor of Iris. They were in OpenGrounds at a panel event that was part of Iris Magazine’s Bad A** Women speaker series. Also pictured are Jane Friedman of the Virginia Quarterly Review, Susie McCarthy, of the UVa Politics Department, and Lingerr Senghor, previous Iris staff member.

On Feb.14, Virginia Moran celebrated her final day with the UVa Women’s Center after a successful tenure as the Associate Director of the Women’s Center and the Editor of Iris Magazine. Virginia, known as Ginger to friends and colleagues, will be continuing on to James Madison University as an Associate Professor, while also pursuing her passion as a life, business and book coach.

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Photo courtesy of Jill Tietjen
U.Va. alumna Jill Tietjen, along with current U.Va. engineering professor Joanne McGrath Cohoon, work to encourage women to consider careers in STEM.

With the ongoing national debate about the slow progression of women representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and SBE (social and behavioral sciences and economics) fields of academia, colleges and universities are launching initiatives to create more opportunities.

U.Va. has taken steps in the right direction.

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Book authors, book club members, local writers and Women’s Center faculty and staff gather for an afternoon of conversation and acknowledgement of each other’s work.

Please note the following content is re-printed from a blog post on March 29, 2014 on the U.Va. Women’s Center website.

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