Mean Girls


1.  “Mean Girls,” 2004

Based in part on the book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, this 21st-century classic defined the middle school years of a generation of current 20-somethings. Part social commentary on female high school cliques, part Tina Fey, Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams at their best (and cattiest), “Mean Girls” is the quintessential story of girls behaving badly. The real message of the movie, however, is the value of friendship and the understanding that words do hurt. Cady Herron’s transformation from home-schooled transfer student to “mean girl” to finally finding her identity leads her to discover how far being kind to one another truly goes—a lesson we could all stand to learn.

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Photo by Alison Kuhn
U.Va. hosts a conference on big data ethics, law and policy with keynote speaker, Danah Boyd, who provided insight into social media.

U.Va hosted the first National Conference on Big Data Ethics, Law, and Policy on April 11, to facilitate a discussion of how to address the quickly growing collection of data we are witnessing today. Danah Boyd, the keynote speaker for the event, provided significant insight into the understandings teens have of privacy when engaging with social media networks.

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Michelle Obama

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For many, feminism has an ugly connotation, though I suspect much of the ugliness originated in false accusations, hurled by people who felt threatened by change. In the media, I saw the raging feminist who discredits the stay-at-home mom, ridiculing her for baking cookies. I also saw the “go-getter” feminist who was running the corporate law firm, putting dinner on the table, while being sexy the whole time, without somehow falling short. These are two examples of usual icons we as a culture have collectively bought into.

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Walking with Confidence


Photo courtesy of Amy Chestnutt, director of the Body Positive Eating Disorders Education Initiative
After the Kappa Delta Confidence Campaign 1.5 mile walk, students signed boards pledging to end fat talk.

The following has been re-printed from the April 6, 2014 edition of WUVAOnline with permission from the writer.

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Photo illustration by Madhuri Bodrade

Undergraduate students are often lectured on the importance of finding an internship.

Not only does an internship provide experience in a specific field, but it allows you to question whether you are pursuing a path that best suits you, prior to actually being thrown out into the real world; thus when graduation rolls around and job searches become more important than ever, you will feel confident in your career choice. It allows for networking, hands-on experience and an opportunity for a letter of recommendation. Further, it gives the in’s and out’s of a specific field of interest while still learning about it.

Although all internships may provide valuable learning opportunities, here are a few resources to make sure you get it right the first time:

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