Summer Reads for Thinking Young Women

One month left of summer means only one more month of uninhibited reading for fun. No, this is not another Cosmo magazine-esque list of  “sexy summer beach reads.” Here are three compelling non-fiction books for the girls who want to flex their learning muscles while laying out on the beach. Whether you are a fashion lover, entrepreneur, social activist- or all of the above- there is a perfect read for you!

I Get Fit With a Little (a lot of) Help From My Friends

Story by: Olivia Knott

The lone runner, huffing and puffing down University Avenue, yes, I see you. You have a will of steel, are the ultimate self-motivator, probably on mile 13.6, and yes, now the entire Corner knows.

Before I throw on my running shoes and attempt to drag myself outside to imitate said runner, I need to remind myself that there is a far more enjoyable way to suffer in front of people… suffering with them.

The World is My Classroom: Taking time off school in meaningful, budget friendly ways

Story by: Olivia Knott

I have no idea what I am doing.

While I applaud those who take this as a challenge to further engage themselves in the U.Va. community to find out what they want from school and life, I shamefully admit that for me, this panic-inducing uncertainty has manifested itself in academic disinterest.

Viva La Femme: Women’s empowerment via art

The feminist movement’s advocacy of gender equality and women’s liberation is not restricted to simply theoretical discourse, but is encouraged through all modes of expression, including art.  This is precisely what artist Little Ms. Aprill seeks to do through her latest project “Viva La Femme.”

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Danah Boyd talks teen privacy on social media at U.Va.-hosted national conference

Danah Boyd talks teen privacy on social media at U.Va.-hosted national conference
U.Va hosted the first National Conference on Big Data Ethics, Law, and Policy on April 11, to facilitate a discussion of how to address the quickly growing collection of data we are witnessing today. Danah Boyd, the keynote speaker for the event, provided significant insight into the understandings teens have of privacy when engaging with social media networks. 


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