A Guide to My Top 5 Places to Study Abroad

Story by: Olivia Knott

During their second and third years, many U.Va. students are asking the pivotal question: “To study abroad or not to study abroad?”

I’m often frustrated when I hear students say, “But I could never imagine missing a whole semester at U.Va.” Yes, I know a day spent laying out on the Lawn is difficult to resist, but we have seven other semesters to enjoy our wonderful school and town of Charlottesville. That is approximately 28 months at U.Va.

What does it mean to join the Community of Trust?

What does it mean to join the Community of Trust?

“On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment.”

An entire culture at this University has grown out of this phrase: a community of trust. Entering first-years have probably written a similar phrase on every high school test they’ve ever taken, but they will soon find out that the notion behind this pledge extends far beyond the promise of keeping your eyes to yourself.


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