Jacqueline Novogratz

Perspective can allow two people to see the same object and relate different descriptions. It can start wars and create suffering and it can bring people together to unify the world. An object could be a simple ball, encased in rubber, inflated with air - or it can be a toy used to excite and enlighten a child, teaching principles like working hard and achieving goals.

Making a Difference for Mother Earth

Old Mother Earth, the giver of life and home to us all, is constantly being threatened. Women from all over the country have taken the lead to start new green initiatives within their organizations to help make a difference in their communities. First Lady Michelle Obama recruited the help of Monticello's Garden Curator, Peter Hatch, to help start an organic garden at the White House.

Standing up for Change

It is 1990. Hundreds of students are standing on the steps of the Rotunda holding candles, day and night. They take turns through the nights and days with other students, male and female. All of the students are determined to continue the vigil until they reach their goal. Holding candles of hope on the steps of the University structure that is most representative of hope, the students say they will not leave until the vigil has gone on for 134 hours. Why 134 hours?


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