About Us

Iris is sponsored by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA. It is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed magazine for thinking young women at UVA and beyond. After trying on several looks—from a photocopied newsletter for the UVA Women’s Studies Program to a national journal for women — Iris re-debuted in 2012 as a web magazine. After more than 35 years of publication, Iris continues to celebrate and empower young women through provocative pieces. 
The mission of Iris is not only to showcase women’s achievements at the University, in support of the women’s community and in conjunction with the Center’s mission to create change, but to also underscore the relevance of women’s issues. While you'd likely deduce as much, we'll state here for the record that the opinions expressed in Iris are not necessarily those of the students, faculty, staff or administration of the University of Virginia.
Enjoy this site as a space for articles, essays and interviews by and about women who are inspired, brilliant, and bravely forging new paths to success. You can also find copies of our semi-annual print edition around Grounds. And stop by the Women’s Center to read archival print copies from every era of Iris.

Iris (noun)

  1. The round membrane of the eye: 
    Iris takes a critical eye to issues affecting women at UVA and in the Charlottesville community.

  2. Plants of the genus, Iris, having sword-shaped leaves and showy, variously colored flower: 
    Iris celebrates the successes of strong and courageous women from every background and experience.

  3. A rainbow or rainbow-like display of color: 
    Iris is for everyone.

  4. Iris, Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods: 
    Iris lends women at UVA and in the Charlottesville community a voice as well as keeps them informed on what is happening in their community and abroad.