Letter from the Editor: (re)present

Letter from the Editor: (re)present

This special edition of Iris is dedicated to the writers and artists who participated in the Women’s Center’s juried arts and writing competition, (re)present

Here at the Women’s Center, we have been (re)presenting the images and stories of students over decades of changing needs and environments at UVA. Keeping pace with the times – and pushing the times to change faster – has always been part of our student support mission as well as the bold spirit of our dear namesake, Max, a 1951 alumna. 

This year we decided it was time to ask students to (re)present their own image of who “the UVA student” is today — so we put out a call for submissions of art and literature addressing these questions: Who are UVA students today—not as they’re presented by others or seen from afar, but in the lives you lead every day at UVA? How would you reimagine and (re)present a UVA student of your time, right now? Who is the student that is you at UVA? Who is the student that you know, love, or admire at UVA? Now's the time for you to show up for and (re)present the UVA community you want others to see.

And wow, did we get some brilliant and moving art! You’ll soon be able to view the entire virtual exhibition of winning and participatory submissions. We couldn’t quite wait, so we’re featuring here a few works near and dear to our Iris heart, produced (mostly) by students who have interned at the Women’s Center:

Kate Granruth

Kirsten Hemrich

Chloe Lyda

Pasha McGuigan

Charlotte Matthews

Sydney Pulliam

Sadie Randall

Kim Salac

Gabi Szabo

Mary Katherine West 


With pride and delight, we present (re)present.