Editor's Letter

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Letter from the Editor: Imprints

She feels an unsettling rumbling in her chest before she feels the tremor beneath her feet. She opens her face to the sky, which is now thick with billowing plumes of pearly smoke.

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Letter from the Editor: Idolatry

Our issue opens with Cheyenne Butler’s piece “What Happens in Vegas Should Stay in Vegas,” when the thin veil of adoration is trespassed.

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Letter from the Editor: Ruptured Roots

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Letter from the Editor: the Story of Iris

This issue, we are telling the "Story of Iris," which is to say we are telling the story of the writers behind Iris. We paired our writers together to write pieces about each other, for sometimes the truest reflection of ourselves is the one refracted through someone else’s eye. 

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Letter from the Editor: The Unexpected

Dear Beloved Reader, 

I am no stranger to the Unexpected. In fact, we are now old friends, but we weren’t always so friendly. 

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Letter from the Editor: Present

Dear Beloved Reader,

As the semester draws to a close, I have not only been looking forward in anticipation of frightening finals and a relaxing release, but also backwards in reflection of a tumultuous yet thrilling semester.

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Letter from the Editor: Wishes

Every year on my birthday, I write a letter addressed to myself a year from now. I click send (god bless the internet and pre-scheduled emails) and the next birthday, in reading all that I wished for myself, I am renewed with hope and visions of futurity—a gift from the past.

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Letter from the Editor: Power of Performance & Masquerade

In the fifth grade, as leaves cascaded down into a shriveled crisp and as the autumnal air descended upon us, I begged my mother to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

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Letter from the Editor: Perception & Blindness

Dear beloved reader,

Close your eyes.

Inhale. Exhale.

How do you imagine blindness? 

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Letter from the Editor: Music & Dissonance

Dear Beloved Reader,

I have a confession to make. 

It’s a secret that I’ve been quietly harboring since high school graduation. 

I was a band kid.