Step Aside Ladies, It's Time for the Male Event

Basketball surrounded by a purple glitter backdrop

Art by Kirsten Hemrich

In an old gym with wooden bleachers, a high school girls varsity basketball team plays their heart out in a game against a longtime rival. The bleachers are half empty, but the fans and parents fill the echoing room with enough enthusiastic cries that the space feels full. This game is important to the girls in a way that only athletes can understand.

Tales of a Hypochondriac

Tombstone with the letters "RIP"  in front of a yellow background

Art by Kirsten Hemrich

The hypochondria comes at night. Always at night.           

She slithers in through the window along with the breeze. The air that was once fresh becomes rancid and noxious. Fumes of anxiety and self-doubt twist and hang in the air. “You should Google your symptoms,” she whispers, her voice soft and soothing. “It will help.” She strokes my arm lovingly and curls against my chest.


Letter From the Editor