A Night (or Several!) at the Movies: Virginia Film Festival Reviews

Virginia Film Festival at the Paramount

With 41 sold out shows, a record 28, 609 tickets issued, and a 46.1 percent increase in box office sales from its 2013 record, the 2014 Virginia Film Festival was undeniably a triumphant success.

The festival kicked off on Nov. 6 at the Jefferson Theater with an extravagant opening gala, complete with a live band, champagne and all the prosciutto a starving college student could ever dream of.

Kevin Spacey’s Speech at U.Va.: Frank Underwood’s Guide to Surviving College

Kevin Spacey speaking at UVA

If a conniving and manipulative politician gave you college advice would you listen?

Well, if this politician can admit that U.Va. basketball player Joe Harris is far more popular than him and manages to turn the venerated Seven Society, into a joke about Broadway musicals, then yes, absolutely, bestow me with your wisdom.


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