Toxic Friendships

It’s Friday night and you are sooo glad that the week is over. You’ve got your evening all planned out - a great chick flick, your favorite flannel pajamas and hot chocolate.  You get home and you’re just about to settle in when you get a text from a friend who is in the middle of a crisis – again!  Her roommate keeps copying her style and she’s freaking out over what to wear to a party that night.

Cindy Bernard: Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence

The Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence is an annual position established by an endowment from the Peter B. and Adeline W. Ruffin Foundation. The first artist selected to hold this position is Cindy Bernard. Coming to the home of the cavaliers from Los Angeles, Cindy Bernard will be spending time working with fifth year students in the distinguished major program, as well as fifth year fellows.

Long-Distance Relationships: Make it Work or Call it Quits?

Heading off to college and leaving a significant other behind can be really stressful - especially if you are going to be in two different cities (or states!). Deciding whether to continue dating can be a discouraging and overwhelming experience. As in most cases, some relationships were meant to last forever and others are merely temporary.  Here are some guidelines for managing a long-distance romance.

Faculty Spotlight: Risa Goluboff

I am not in law school, but someday hope to be. If and when I get there, I hope to be lucky enough to study under someone such as UVA law and history professor, Risa Goluboff. Professor Goluboff exemplifies outstanding female academic achievement at the University – a role model for aspiring female lawyers and women in other disciplines, alike. Her accomplishments in the field of 20th century American legal and constitutional history have landed her some of the highest honors in academia at the University.

Faculty Spotlight: Lydia Moyer

It is not often that one gets the opportunity to explore the inquisitive mind of one of their favorite artists. Luckily for me, one of mine happens to be a professor of the University’s McIntire Department of Art. Lydia Moyer is an artist that has been screened nationally and internationally and has worked in all mediums of studio art from sculpture to printmaking. She gave me the pleasure of an interview to further explore her artistic perspectives, desires, and projects, as well as thoughtful, honest advice for our generation.


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