Slowing Down After School

Three months after racing through the final hurdles of grad school, applying for and securing jobs, moving in with my then-boyfriend, and starting a so-called "exciting" adult life, time all of a sudden slackened to a halt. I was staring across the kitchen table from someone whom I had loved. Someone whom I had fallen out of love with, whom I tried so hard to fall back in love with, and whom I was now looking at with an unblinking, slightly unfocused stare.

Life is What You Meet: An Interview with Cheryl Mills

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Ms. Cheryl Mills last February, when she was a featured speaker at University of Virginia Women in Leadership Conference. What do Oprah and Hillary have in common (other than that they are two of the most influential women in U.S. history)? Cheryl Mills worked for both of them. More precisely, she worked for both of them for love.

In This Together: Carey Albertine and Saira Rao

Carey Albertine and Saira Rao met rushing the same sorority at the University of Virginia and have worked well together ever since. Albertine and Rao join the ranks of highly successful U.Va. alumnae Iris has interviewed. Their publishing company In This Together Media publishes “great books about real girls,” with the purpose of inspiring women and girls through reading.

Ginger Moran Book Reading at Jefferson-Madison Library Tonight!

Ginger Moran - Iris Magazine Editor and Associate Director of the UVa Women's Center will be doing a book reading tonight! Ginger will be reading passages from her book "The Algebra of Snow: A Bedtime Story for My Mother" at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library tonight at 7:00pm. No reservation necessary! Ginger will also be available for a question & answer session after the reading where she will be sharing information on being a published author and other writing advice.

Jacqueline Novogratz

Perspective can allow two people to see the same object and relate different descriptions. It can start wars and create suffering and it can bring people together to unify the world. An object could be a simple ball, encased in rubber, inflated with air - or it can be a toy used to excite and enlighten a child, teaching principles like working hard and achieving goals.


Letter From the Editor