an apology to my body

Vase with wilting flowers
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

an apology to my body

*Trigger Warning: content contains themes concerning disordered eating

i stare at you in the mirror and
my fingers creep down your edges
what once were curved like 
rolling hills on the skyline are now 
flat like razed earth and hard in places 
i hadn’t felt before 

i don’t know when you started shrinking 
it happened so rapidly last year but
somehow i didn’t see it til 
i came across a picture taken 5 months prior

In Defense of Being a Sexy Bookish Homebody

Cup of coffee next to a stack of books
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Sometimes I take pictures of my books. I pull my favorites from their carefully selected spots on my shelf, and put them on top of my blanket, where the sunlight is shining. Sometimes I put them next to a cup of tea, or a small bundle of fake flowers. After I take my pictures, I edit and post them on my Instagram account dedicated to books, aka bookstagram.


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