Kiki McLaughlin

Kiki McLaughlin


Kiki is a fourth year English major with a History minor. She enjoys swing dancing, playing Pokemon Go, writing notes-app poetry, and finding easily climb-able trees on Grounds. She is also heavily involved in community-building at Brown Residential College, where she can usually be found.

image of hands reaching out for each other

You are not carried downstream by a river
But the ocean rocks you back and forth

image of hands coming together


I stumble through life like a dehydration-addled ascetic in a desert during the apocalypse

oranges on blue background

She loved going to markets and holding the fruit in her hand, feeling the tension of the skin and the pulp against her palm.

Image of a bird's silhouette over pink marble print

What do straight cisgender people want?

image of skull and crossbones with the word "toxic"

Whenever I read, watch, or play different forms of post-apocalyptic fiction, I always end up wondering what I’d do if I were in these worlds, whether they be ravaged by nuclear blasts, invaded by aliens, or torn apart by natural disaster. 

Image of a county fair in the distance

I was driving home on an autumn evening
Accidentally on a backroad route
Leaves turning
John Mellencamp on the radio station – I’ve always loved the oldies – 

pink boots

Over fall break, I was in Boston with one of my good friends to look at law schools. On the way to find food, we found ourselves in the shopping district.

Image of two hands reaching out for each other

I blame you for everything –
I blame myself for even more.
I’m dumb and stubborn; you, careless.

Image of 4 people dancing

I discovered my love of dancing at my junior prom, when I slung around my “Prom Royalty” sash to “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X

Image of hands being reflected across multiple mirrors

Some of my earliest memories involve the My Little Pony franchise,