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Virginia Film Festival at the Paramount

With 41 sold out shows, a record 28, 609 tickets issued, and a 46.1 percent increase in box office sales from its 2013 record, the 2014 Virginia Film Festival was undeniably a triumphant success.

Kevin Spacey speaking at UVA

If a conniving and manipulative politician gave you college advice would you listen?

Well, if this politician can admit that U.Va. basketball player Joe Harris is far more popular than him and manages to turn the venerated Seven Society, into a joke about Broadway musicals, then yes, absolutely, bestow me with your wisdom.

A conveniently pleasant sounding alliteration or a powerful combination of social and artistic forces?

Ah, the school year has begun! While you may be tempted to split your time between hours of reading (ahem, procrastinating) on the bottom floor of Clemons and dancing the night away on the top floor of Trinity, why not use this year to make a difference for others? U.Va.

What does it mean to join the Community of Trust?

“On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment.”

An entire culture at this University has grown out of this phrase: a community of trust.

One month left of summer means only one more month of uninhibited reading for fun.

This is the second blog post in a series about the culture that the city has to offer. To read the first blog post, please visit this link.

Besides being home to Mr. Jefferson’s university, Charlottesville prides itself for its arts and music scene. Between taking classes and working that internship, make sure to check out what the city has to offer this summer.