Susannah Baker

Susannah Baker


Susannah is a third year majoring in English. She is passionate about storytelling, library and information science, and Webkinz. Thursday nights, you can catch her enjoying heated debates and engrossing literary presentations at the Washington Society, where she serves as its treasurer. Susannah enjoys reading, attending the UVA ASL signing lunches, and telling anyone who will listen about her time working as a Summer camp counselor.

red circles overlapping

I walk downstairs and you are not there.

letter above a middle school

Middle school, almost by definition, is not supposed to be a place where anyone thrives.

orange leaf falling on water

my grandfather knows trees

like I know the bark of his calloused hands

their leaves, their roots, their flowers

Portrait of Bailey in orange

About a year ago, one of Bailey’s poems hooked me onto Iris as a new reader. Today, as a fellow Iris writer, I get to talk to Bailey about community, her music recommendations, and what Iris has brought to our lives.

band on stage

I am fifteen years old and sitting in my dining room. I am painting a mask from Michaels for a school project on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

a plane, a train, a car

Once a year, in the midst of the holiday oasis of Thanksgiving, my immediate family stops for one, pumpkin-pie-scented moment.

ink pot and feather pen

When I was in first grade, I wished for the first time to be a writer. I pictured holding a book and running my finger over my name in embossed text on the cover of a pristine book jacket.

cracked mirror

One of me sways to music, stays smiling

Reaches my arms up to fractured ceilings

white roses, two pens, a journal and a cup of coffee on a light green background.

Summer 2022 was easily one of the best times of my life: weeks spent in the sun and the outdoors, with friends, and a great sense of purpose working for the first time at my childhood summer camp.

bodies floating across the page with a wavelength behind them

Every sound wave is a pattern. 

Every sound wave has its own frequency, a wavelength recreated over and over again.