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Femininity Isn’t Changing. Our Language Is.

It is not lost on me, the irony of reading The Idiot as my clock reads midnight: I have work in 8 hours. But I am captivated.

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You Are Enough: An Interview with MRSC Members

Cassie (she/her): Hi Emma Mei and Acacia, can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself? What year are you, what are your pronouns, what is your racial/ethnic identity, and how long have you been in Mixed Race Student Coalition (MRSC)

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UVA Has a Diversity Problem, But It Might Not Be Their Fault

In the United States, including all 50 states and Washington D.C, only 7% of professors are Black, despite Black people making up about 13% of the total population.

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Myths and Misconceptions about Tuition at UVA

Just over two weeks ago, I sat down (albeit over Zoom) for a conversation with University of Virginia’s Vice President for Finance, and Chief Financial Officer, Augie Maurelli, to talk about all things tuition for Iris Magazine. 

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The Money and Morality of the 4th Pillar

Journalism: the “4th pillar” of government. The watchdogs of politics (and other social institutions), they expose the unethical decisions of those in power.

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I Gained Class Consciousness In An Athl*ta Stockroom

You know what. I’ll say it. I liked working in retail. For me, most days going to work meant an opportunity to play dress up with guests, engage with the broad spectrum of the human condition, and get people to spend their money–or even better, their partners’ money.

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Margaret Thatcher Girlbossery and the Feet Pictures of @OnlyFans: Is it Feminism?

In today’s Third Wave feminist movement, there’s a growing idea that any “choice” a woman makes, with the intention of doing so to empower herself or the women around her, is inherently “feminist.” Such ideology is referred to as “choice feminism,” and isn’t it a relief?


Out of Pocket, In Context

In talking to my female-identifying peers, I’ve found that almost every one of them remembers a time when a man has said something so demeaning, sexist, or uncomfortable, that it has stuck with them for ages.

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Femininity Is Not an Insult: Vulnerability, Feelings, and the Impenetrable Shield

She tells her friend she needs air, and on the patio of this popular college bar, her heart races. Her lungs feel on fire. Her hands can’t stop shaking.

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When I Exploded

Have you ever been lit on fire? I have. Seven times precisely. Some might call it bad luck, but being set alight didn’t hurt me, it made me feel alive.