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This film employs the act of doing laundry, in its habitual, cyclical mundaneness, to reflect a deep longing for a cultural heritage under the strain of constant, quiet erasure. Invoking two voices, mother and daughter, Tagalog and English, I choose to render this immigrant experience through the insecurities surrounding language, and its intimate relation to generational relationships.

UVA students

UVA's Style Gallery

Short interviews with various UVA students on how they approach their own style, where they draw inspiration from, and where they like to shop.

Artistic rendition of Taylor Swift

A Swiftie’s exploration of Taylorcore

Whether you love or hate her music (and I, for one, hope you love it), you have to acknowledge that Taylor Swift is a master of reinventing herself.

pink boots

I Think, Therefore I Am...Who?

Over fall break, I was in Boston with one of my good friends to look at law schools. On the way to find food, we found ourselves in the shopping district.

shopping tags

A Rant About Fast Fashion

Is “fast fashion” really that bad if it's affordable? 

Image of a stool flipped over on its side

5 Things You Should Know About Barstool Sports if You Care About Being a Good Person

At the University of Virginia, the Instagram account @barstooluva has amassed thousands of followers.

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How Can You Become TikTok’s Latest Trend? Or Should You Even Want To?

Every so often, there tends to be an aesthetic or trend that dominates the online algorithm.

Image of a vinyl record being played

Heavenly Plagues and Demonic Rituals: Florence Goes on Tour

Upon arriving in the humid, gray streets of Washington D.C., the first thing I noticed was the flower crowns. Then the glitter. 

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Songs We Dance To

I discovered my love of dancing at my junior prom, when I slung around my “Prom Royalty” sash to “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X

Image of someone's rear

God Save the BBL: 5 Signs of the BBL Era Ending

It’s 2014. Nicki Minaj’s big booty anthem “Anaconda” hits the radio