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This film employs the act of doing laundry, in its habitual, cyclical mundaneness, to reflect a deep longing for a cultural heritage under the strain of constant, quiet erasure. Invoking two voices, mother and daughter, Tagalog and English, I choose to render this immigrant experience through the insecurities surrounding language, and its intimate relation to generational relationships.

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What Happens in Vegas Should Stay in Vegas

As fourth-year students, my friend and I wanted to celebrate our final spring break with a bang, so naturally, we took a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

a kpop girl group

5 Things I Love and Don’t Love about the K-pop Industry

My K-pop origin story all began with a YouTube React video. One day, one of those “YouTubers React to K-pop” videos popped up on my YouTube recommended—it intrigued me.

red open mouth with bacteria in the back of throat

Deconstructing “Going-Out” Culture at UVA: Why Can’t We Ever Slow Down?

The red dress I had planned on wearing to my boyfriend’s winter formal, coincidentally, happened to be the same shade of red as the back of my throat. That is, as I was about to discover, the portion of it that wasn’t covered in white stripes of bacteria (lovely, I know). 

figures of womens bodies pole dancing

Somebody Come Get Her, She’s Dancing like a Stripper

Yes, I took a pole dancing class. Anyone who knows me is likely unsurprised since I’ve been wanting to take one for quite some time.

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Reneé Rapp, Date Me?

It’s 3:30 p.m. on Friday, January 12, 2024. I dress in a black and pink cropped sweater, and listen to my newly created “reneé rapp” playlist as I softly draw on my eyeliner, preparing for the life-changing event I am about to experience.

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Growing Up With No Regrettes

I am fifteen years old and sitting in my dining room. I am painting a mask from Michaels for a school project on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

makeup products

Things that Weren’t on my 2024 Bingo Card: Preteens Terrorizing Sephora Employees

I was in Sephora over winter break, looking for a new perfume, when a couple of girls who could not be any older than 11 shoved past me to get to the Sol de Janerio display.

3 going out tops

Question for a flapper: Can my bar clothes be feminist, too?

Walking into a dimly lit room, bass vibrations rattling the windows, I look around—the women are in uniform. So am I. The year is 2023. I’m in a small “going out top” matched with straight leg jeans, and for personal flair, my black combat boots.

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7 Gifts to Give People You Hate: UVA Student Edition

1. Burnett’s Liquor 

If they’re over 21, this is an insult.