brick roads or blue background with a door

On Seasons and Motherhood

I knock, gently, on the door, but there is no answer. Perhaps I am at the wrong address.

a cup of floating blue liquid

An Absurd Allure

I walk down Colonial Ave. on my way to my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Stella. They’re open from 6:30 a.m. — 10 p.m. every weekday, so I’m shocked to see that they’re closed at 11am on a Wednesday.

angel wings on blackground


I want to go back to that night. Just for a moment. Just to escape. 

small girl walking through a river in a forest

Ruby's Reveries

There was a beautiful girl who lived mostly in her head. She wasn’t beautiful for any notable extrinsic features. She looked quite normal, but radiated a natural essence of charm. Her name was Ruby.

A girl in a dark blue coat looking over a casket at a funeral.

Born in Sin

Inside New Mt. Zion church, in front of the pulpit, lay the body of a man I’d never known nor seen a day in my life.

Constellation on Blue background

Andromeda: A Myth Written in the Stars

Image of two hands with tweezers


They’re all the same, really, Mari thinks as she straightens her stiff, white coat and brushes a stray auburn hair back into her claw clip.

Image of falling leaves

Lady of the Lake

The morning air felt thick with secrecy, and the forest beyond the porch beckoned Jack into its pulsing green heart.

Image of paintbrush with red splatters

The Murder of Jackie Gold (and How it Came to Be)

Red splashed against Presley's face, staining her clothes and caking in her hair. She grabbed her brush again and hurled the paint through the air with a guttural scream – the drops separating from the brush and splattering on the paper.

land masses against blue water

An Infinite Beacon

As the ocean wind blew over the marsh, Brennan began to regret leaving his umbrella at home.