Budding Rose

Budding Rose

Kate Jane Villanueva
Media Staff

In the quiet nights of winter 
The air sighs with an icy chill 
The skies close their deep gray eyes to block out the sun
Waiting to let snowy tears spill 

Mother earth cuts the hours of sunlight short,
Letting the darkness drag on 
Letting the cold shiver into all life below 
Letting herself languish in her despair.
Her body is being destroyed 
Her trees are bulldozed to the ground 
Smog infiltrates the lungs of her animals 
Plastic clogs her oceans, 
Making the fish sputter and choke 

She falls ever deeper into a pit of sadness 
Unable to claw her way out 
Unable to free herself 
From the hopelessness that blankets the once golden skies.
Will this drought of warmth go on forever? 

Mother earth is mourning what once was, 
She hides her face from the sun
Inner turmoil seeps from her brain 
In a violent gale that shakes leaves off their branches   
And sends animals scurrying to shelter.
She scares off the band of bird twills and grasshopper songs that once welcomed the morning 
She wilts the colorful plants that once populated the world she lovingly curated 

As she thunders through the abused planes of earth, 
Her heart constricts with pain 
Lightning cracks through the sky, 
All her creations can hear her roaring sobs, 
Even the ones that are ruining the world, 
Ruining her,
Exploiting her love  

In her rage, the skies grow ever darker 
Increasingly populated with rolling black clouds.
She sends another bolt of lightning through the sky, 
But in her anguish, 
She loses control, letting it slip loose and hit the ground 
Illuminating a bare twig that curls away in fear 

Mother earth gasps 
She almost struck this manifestation of her soul.
Her body is being destroyed from the outside, 
And in her rage she nearly destroyed herself from within

She gazes down at the little twig, 
Remembering when she was young
When she first realized she was capable of creating beauty 
She loved the earth, loved herself, 
So much that she never stopped creating 
Until she saw her world being violated 

Yet, through all the pain, the twig has never dwindled, it stands tall 
Waiting to grow 
Reminding mother earth that not all parts of her have been touched by evil, 
And these parts she can still protect 

She lets the storm rumble away, 
Lets the gray fizzle out of the sky and allows the sun to peek through 
Lets the lightning end, lets the chill lift from the air 

She cradles the twig in her hands, 
Drawing it close to her heart 
Swearing to always protect it, to protect herself 

Weeks pass, 
She is scared to let the twig grow, 
She fears it will be cut down and taken from her 
Abused like her other creations 

But she remembers her promise, and she allows the twig to bud
Into a stunning rose
To let the petals fall open to reveal shades of deep red 
To reveal the beauty she had hidden  

Her trees continue to be chopped down, 
But she nourishes the soil so new ones can grow 
Plastic still clogs her oceans, 
But she washes it ashore to protect the fish from choking 
She lets rain fall where there is drought 
Halting her harsh winds and perilous tempests 

Tears still fall from her eyes when she remembers 
What she has lost 
But these tears are no longer icy, 
They are warm and soft, 
Nourishing the rose as it grows taller 
Turning its face to the shining sky as as it glows in the sun mother earth has given it 
Out of the swirl of petals and green leaves a voice calls out to 
Mother earth as if saying 
thank you for protecting me, thank you for loving me when no one else would