a girl's face with blurred blue over top and a background of blue waves

Imposter Syndrome

Away from home with imposter syndrome
Fading far from the plight of perfectionism
Taunted by the unexplored, not on any exec boards
Sometimes struggling to just get out of bed

My roommate wakes up and runs ten miles
While I have clothes heaped in piles
And a hundred unorganized files on my desktop
Too anxious to answer an email

In constant comparison and competition
I’m not motivated by grades or majors
Student governance or unpaid labor
But paranoid I need to fit in

Image of the progress flag

My First Pride

It fills my body 
Fills my body so full of light 
I am almost bursting at the seams with 
Joy so infectious I cannot avoid it if I wanted to

image of reflected faces


I can’t bear
To draw self-portraits of myself.
I don’t trust mirrors
And I don’t trust my eyes.

Image of Miriella Jiffar

The Indelible and Invisible 

Aethiopia, Abyssinia, Askum, Kush
All names thrown around by history books, by scholars 
Attempting to intellectualize, rationalize, standardize 
the place my parents call home 

Image of two hands reaching out for each other

Holy Ghost

I blame you for everything –
I blame myself for even more.
I’m dumb and stubborn; you, careless.

Image of a hand clutching purple sheets


His scent envelops
swallowing all that is mine 

circles arranged like a tray of food in orange tones

the aftermath

the aftermath of living—
have we ever thought about it?

an image of a person on top of a boat sail

I Would’ve Made a Better Pirate

When Little Boy spent summers at the sea

lungs with a pink background

Two Breaths, Hold

“In through your nose, out through your mouth
in through your nose, out through your mouth”


multicolored hands holding one another

Of Thick Night and Keen Knife

Out damned spot